Kansas Gets Federal Warning on Teacher Evaluation

no-child-left-behind080411-300x298U.S. education officials say three states have not fulfilled their promises to bring their teacher and principal evaluation systems up to federal standards. But Washington, Oregon and Kansas will have one extra year to finish the work.

The new teacher evaluation systems were part of the requirements for waivers from the federal education law known as “No Child Left Behind.”  If the states meet the waiver’s requirements, they won’t need to have every child meet state academic standards in reading and math by January 2014.

So far, 40 states and the District of Columbia have been granted a one- or two-year reprieve from the requirements of the U.S. education law that was passed more than a decade ago.

  • way2go

    Too many schools are too worried about their sports programs to care about education. Sad but true

    • Old Bob

      Kansas does very well in education compared to most states and doesn’t typically produce many of the country’s great athletes (No matter what their parents say!). NCLB was one of the worst pieces of legislation to pass in this country anyway, focused the education experience too much on test scores rather than REAL knowledge.

      • Muss Cleo

        Tell us what REAL knowledge is, Geezer Robert.

        • Chris

          Being able to spell ‘miss’ correctly.

          • Muss Cleo

            Muss is not spelled with an I, but thanks for playing

        • Old Bob

          REAL knowledge, how to budget, how to run a computer in an effective manner, not just Facebook and the like, knowing how to cook, and of course knowing the fundamental curriculum such as History, Math, Science etc. You do not get a full depth of learning by prepping for a test made by the government, Muss Cleo.

    • Sad state of Priorities

      I agree way2go. I can only speak on my experience in the Hays school district, especially HHS, but the influence of the sports programs is incredibly lopsided. From the funding they receive to the way teachers/coaches are hired and not expected to actually teach, and especially the way athletes are given special academic treatment and slapped on the wrist for disciplinary actions.

      • Old Bob

        Take away the academic and disciplinary part of your statement, which I agree with, athletic facilities give students opportunities to earn scholarships to continue their education just as band instruments and text books do. I would know, I played college football and got my degree sithouth student loans.

        • Old Bob

          Without* darn phone