Cleanup continues on site of Train accident

Union Pacific reports on the progress of the clean up of last month’s train detailment.Union PacificTrain derailment damage at Pfeifer Cabinet and Construction

The contractor responsible for removing the chicken meal has completed transferring the stockpile to the Barton County landfill and is now removing soil with meal and diesel fuel that is in the rail yard.

This contractor is also responsible for removing the damaged rail cars and this should be completed today.

The stormwater ditches have been cleaned. Crews have spread grass seed and placed erosion control matting on the ditches. An odor masking agent has been worked in reducing the odor from the chicken meal.

Union Pacific anticipates having all of the chicken meal removed from the rail yard by August 23, 2013. Water captured in tanks containing fire foam and diesel fuel continues to be filtered on-site in accordance with the KDHE-approved work plan.

  • Soylent Green

    what are we feeding to chickens that smells so awful? Is it good for the chicken or for us?

    • Hays Resident

      The chicken “meal” was going to be processed into cat food is what they had reported earlier.

    • Derf

      It IS rotting chicken meat, not chicken feed.

  • Yummy

    Maybe you should google what chicken meal is…

  • johnson

    Crews have spread grass seed and placed erosion control matting on the ditches.

    no they haven’t because the ditches aren’t even done being cleaned out yet. get your story straight. and when are they gonna tear that building down just west of UP office on 8th St? the one the locomotive laid sideways into. what an eyesore. can’t wait for the mice and rats to take that building over. still stinks down here and i work on the west side of 8th street. can’t imagine still what it smells like right in that area. Union Pacific can do a quicker job at cleanup if they really wanted too. I think the city’s too much afraid to take on UP over this mess.

    • hmmmm

      Maybe you should volunteer to help, this was a huge mess, and yes the building is an eye sore, but is the building more important then the destroyed train cars, chicken meal, tore up track, tainted soil and water? I dont think so. I think you just want to get on here and B!t(h about the job people are doing.

      • johnson

        i would gladly volunteer if i caused the mess which i didn’t. yes i do want to B!t(h about the job UP is doing. where do you work or live? come down in this section of town and smell for awhile. you probably live on Thunderbird where everything smells like roses.

        • hmmmm

          Well I wish I was able to live on thunderbird, but unfortunatly I have to work for everything I have, and my wonderful job that I do work at does not allow me to live in a community that smells like roses.
          As far as your comment about not helping becuase you did not cause it. I really hope a tornado or a flood or some other type of disaster never hits your home, becuase remember all those volunteers may not help you, because they DID NOT CAUSE THIS.

          • johnson

            if a tornado or flood hit your house i would even help you. i know where you are coming from and deep down you know where i’m coming from. it is frustrating if you work or live in this area on a daily basis. UP has been dragging their feet on this mess down here.. they have the means to have this mess cleaned up sometime ago. the smell is still here and it doesn’t need to be. don’t believe me? ask some of the haz mat guys working this. this could have been cleaned up quicker than what it is.
            peace out!

  • sissy

    Smelled like rotting flesh of some sort I nearly puked not knowing about the smell till after driving by….I feel for those living in that area.