UPDATE: Agreement Reached for Victory Drive Use by O’Loughlin

oloughlin exteriorFROM USD 489 AT 4P.M.

Representatives of the TMP-Marian and USD 489 boards have reached an agreement for site access to O’Loughlin Elementary School from TMP-Marian property beginning this week.

The short-term agreement identifies site access for parents and students of  both schools and allows for supervision and traffic control on Victory Road. The short term agreement will ease site congestion and safety concerns that caused Victory Road to be closed earlier this summer.

O’Loughlin parents will enter the TMP-Marian property on Victory Road, travel to the parking lot of the Monarch baseball and softball complex, turn around and return to Victory Road where students will be dropped off or picked up on the south side only of Victory Road. No parking or stopping will be allowed on the Victory Road.

TMP-Marian students and parents will enter and exit TMP-Marian property at the 17th Street entrance before and after school.

The agreement also calls for a joint study that identifies the best alternative to repair or re-construct Victory Road to an appropriate standard that will withstand daily vehicle traffic. Once the best alternative is identified, a longer term agreement will be developed that clarifies safety, access, upkeep, and maintenance cost share agreements going forward.

Requests for comment from TMP should be directed to Father Daryl Ohlmstead.  Requests for comment from USD 489 should be directed to Elizabeth Jaeger.

Editor’s note:  TMP-Marian classes start Wednesday morning; USD 489 classes start Thursday morning.