Hays Police Department Arrest Report 8/1-8/4 2013


All persons included in this post are innocent of crimes until proven guilty in a court of law.

Gubitoso, Zoey Marie, age 18, Hays, KS, Arrest Location: Chuck’s Bar, 507 W. 7th Street, Hays KS 67601, Charge: 41-727 Liquor; Purchase/consumption alcoholic liquor/CMB by minor: STAT

 This information is not criminal history. All individuals included in this post are innocent of crimes until proven guilty in a court of law. The Hays Post assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, or completeness, of this information. Any person who believes information provided is not accurate may submit a complaint to admin@hayspost.com

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  • the dude

    Why did they arrest mister Magoo?

    • Uncle Si

      I was thinking he was Yoda (Grand Jedi Master from star wars)

      • pb

        Looks like ol’ Tommy Gun is fixin’ to throw a shoe at someone.

  • )@^!&”&

    Brooke…..hmmmm. I wish I would have been there.

  • chopper

    good lookin bunch

  • Crazy People

    for as many disorderly conducts as we have clearly it’s a hateful bunch this week.

  • Nice

    Happy to see Calvin get what’s coming to him. Way overdue……

    • Trevor

      Its pretty easy to comment when you remain anonymous isn’t it? real mature

      • Uncle Thomas

        Okay Mr. Mature next time leave your first and last name!

        • passin_threw

          another assumption made by me but that’s calvin’s son trevor

          • passin_threw

            first i assume, then i forget a comma….man lance is gonna bash me on this one

    • Tami

      remember…. what goes around comes around, watch what you wish for, could be you on here next week….

  • Zoey Gubitoso

    My mom is an extremely hard worker and also has nothing to do with this. I made a mistake and I received the same consequences anyone else would have, thank you though. I would love to know your real name Cat.

  • Last call

    Sorry someone hurt your feelings Trevor. He did deserve it.

  • Guest

    So guy beats up on his ex girlfriend for the umpteenth time and then police arrest her for defending herself? I am sure he pressed charges but thanks to Hays Post making this everyone’s business and posting mug shots – she will probably never call for help again. So wrong.

  • JW

    Where are the latest and greatest arrest?? It is the 22st??

    • JW

      21st…typo :)