Instant Info About Water Conditions

water alert 2 The Kansas Water Office is encouraging Kansas residents to subscribe to a new alert service for instant, customized updates about water conditions.

Whether you are watching for floods, interested in recreational activities or concerned about the quality of water in your well, the U.S. Geological SurveyWaterAlert service allows you to receive daily or hourly updates regarding current conditions in rivers, lakes and groundwater.

“Recently the state has received questions regarding notification to changes in water conditions and gage flood stages,” said Tracy Streeter, Kansas Water Office Director. “This is a great service available to all Kansans and can be the first alert to a developing flood and can even help out during drought periods, which we have been no stranger to the past few years.”

WaterAlert allows users to receive updates about river flows, groundwater levels, water temperatures, rainfall and water quality at any of more than 9,500 sites where USGS collects real-time water information. This information is crucial for managing water resources, including during floods, droughts and chemical spills.

“Our priority is to help keep Kansans safe and this resource is a great way for everyone to stay informed of the dangers around them and be more aware of their surroundings,” said Maj. Gen. Lee Tafanelli, director of the Kansas Division of Emergency Management and adjutant general.  “We encourage everyone in Kansas to take a minute to sign up for this valuable information.”

In addition to WaterAlert, you can also find real time reservoir release information at the following U.S. Army Corps of Engineers website: Kansas City District,