Water Variance for Ellis Golf Course

ellis water conultants

Layne Christensen Water Management Consultants, Wichita, at Thursday’s special Ellis City Council meeting.

Ellis City Council members met in a special session Thursday night to discuss water issues.

The town declared a water emergency earlier this summer.

The Ellis Golf Course has been  granted a variance on watering restrictions and is now allowed to use 40,000 gallons of water a month through the end of 2013.

A proposed ordinance implementing conservation water rates for usage in excess of each customer’s base usage was approved.

Council members also talked about city wells and the water exploration process.

Consultants from  Layne Christensen, Wichita, are recommending the Ellis water wells be rehabilitated, estimated to cost $8,000 to $12,000.  The consultants also recommend Ellis begin searching for new water sources.


  • Guie Le Deuche

    Of course Layne-Christiansen is going to recommend that; they will be the one’s doing the work.

    • Chris

      Uh, I think a 3 year old would come to the same conclusion.

  • the dude

    sweet brah

  • runner

    Ellis and Ellis county in a MAJOR water shortage, and the golf course is given a free watering pass??? Gosh, how many Ellis county politicians utilize this course??? Par for the course (pun intended) for Ellis county politics… Who saw this coming???