County Commission tackles full agenda; Wants to Hear from you

At Monday’s Ellis County Commission meeting, the agenda covered a number of topics and interests. County Administrator Greg Sund told Hays Post about aEllis County Logo few of those agenda items.

“Commissioners approved a chip seal assistance request for the city of Ellis, and we talked about a way to improve dust control on 270th and Vineyard road just northeast of Hays. We’ve gotten a lot of complaints from residents up in that area. Mike Graf, our public works director, has come up with some ways that he could do some improvements and better that situation to some extent.”

The chip seal assistance agreement requires that the city of Ellis purchases the materials and does all prep work to the roads. When this is complete, the county will use their equipment and manpower to assist with the project. Sund said that the timeframe of the work depends on Ellis crews getting everything ready, and weather being favorable as well.

“One of the key things with chip seal is that you don’t want it inordinately hot but you want it somewhat warm when you do chip seal because it has to work into the pavement.”

The road surface improvement at 270th and Vineyard road was another item approved at the meeting. Due to the high traffic and number of residents in the area, the dust from this road is a source of many calls to the county commission. Sund said that most of the cost would come out of the county’s labor and equipment. It’s estimated that the cost is $10-$12k a mile and will last at least three years.

Approval was given to sell a tanker truck and an old service truck. The county purchased two new tanker trucks for the fire district and now the county needs to sell the one. Also, the county was lending an equipment/supply truck to the American Red Cross (ARC) to use: now that ARC has acquired their own trailer for hauling items, the county doesn’t need to keep the truck. The county is going to use Purple Wave Auction Company to auction off the vehicles.

Sund said the county is also working on a declaration of condominium for the former Commerce bank building. They need to get two more drawings from the architect still. The reason for the declaration is the 2nd floor of the building will have a private use and will be taxable for property taxes, and the basement and first floor won’t, so they need to condo the building out into two different units. Sund stated that it’s been on the agenda for some time as it’s “taking a little longer to move it forward in the process.”

The County Commission hold a hearing on the proposed 2014 Budget and Tax Levy during their regular meeting on Monday, August 19. A copy of the budget can be found here Anyone with questions about the budget can email or call 621-4219

Sund added that residents are encouraged to visit the website at and weigh in on the different topics. “It’s the people’s government; we need to listen to the people.”