WaKeeney City Council Meets Tuesday night

wakeeney logoGoverning Body Agenda

City of WaKeeney

408 Russell Ave., WaKeeney KS 67672

Regular Meeting Wednesday 8/6/13 at 7:00 PM

                                I.          Roll Call




II.                 Approval of minutes of last meeting




III.               Petitions, requests, complaints, guests, etc.


1.       Angel Shaver, 209 N. 3rd Street.  Ms. Wheelchair Kansas




IV.              Report of City Officers / Department Heads



1.      City Administrator


a.       Street name sign quotes


b.      Pool park shelter update


c.       Review of July 2013 warrants


2.      Mayor




V.                 Old / New Business


1.      Council Member Shubert water service




VI.              Executive Session (if needed)





VII.            Adjournment