Survey: How to Improve Solid Waste Disposal in Kansas

KDHEThe Kansas Legislature passed House Bill 2249 in 2013 requiring the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) to perform a study that assesses the adequacy of solid waste reduction practices in Kansas and to report those findings  to the Legislature in January 2014.

In performing this study, KDHE has been directed to seek input from a variety of parties including any person or organization that generates solid waste and uses disposal and/or recycling services.

“Since everyone generates solid waste, we invite all Kansans to complete this survey to help us understand the opinions of our citizens regarding waste management in general, waste reduction services, and related state policies, ” requests Bill Bider, Director Bureau of Waste Management.

KDHE has for the past 20 years encouraged and assisted local governments and private businesses in the implementation and operation of waste reduction programs.  Significant progress has been made over this period to increase waste diversion from landfills and nearly one third of all municipal solid waste, or more than one million tons, was recycled or beneficially used in 2011.  These efforts conserve valuable natural resources and limited landfill space.

The results of the survey and the report prepared by KDHE will be made available on the KDHE Bureau of Waste Management webpage when available.