Opinion: Maybe the City Should Conserve Water

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After a night of hours of rain in Hays last weekend, we hopped in the car to check out local flooding. Driving south down Main Street, we noticed something spouting out of the ground and continued driving to check it out. Shockingly, the spouting water was the sprinkler system at the Hays Aquatic Park. After reading article upon article about water conservation and the city sending out letters to the people who fall into the category of the top 10% water users, we found this a bit ridiculous. It seems very hypocritical of a city affiliated company to be running water after receiving over 2.5″ of rain with rain still in the forecast. If the Aquatic Parks sprinkler system was not shut off, then how many other city parks (nice grass at the park on Allen Street) and buildings were running water that could have easily been conserved?



  • Joe

    I would assume nearly all of the sprinkler systems in the parks, etc. run on a timer system. It’s not like there is a city employee standing there in the rain turning on the sprinklers.

  • Tired of excuses

    And maybe some of us 1% are gone out of town a lot and can’t be standing by our sprinklers either to shut them off when it is raining. Always an excuse for the city to do something!

    • WeeTodd

      Sprinkler systems have PROGRAMMABLE timers on them to set days and time. Shut them off before leaving town.