Massive Western Kansas Sinkhole (Video)

A massive sinkhole in a rural pasture in Wallace County is now 90 feet deep, 200 feet wide and growing. Nobody is certain what causedScreen Shot 2013-08-03 at 8.50.12 AM the sink hole. Wallace County is on the Kansas Colorado border and just south of Goodland.

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  • Benjy Ray

    As the Ogallala Aquifer is most likely bone dry in parts sink holes are part of the earth rescaping when the water or other crude is pumped out or removed faster than it can be replenished things like sink holes are not uncommon

    • passin_threw

      any idea how much irrigation is done in the area’s these sink holes are in wallace county? fact of the matter is large salt deposits in the area are said to be dissolving by upward percolating groundwater. it never ceases to amaze me how people can just say what they want with nothing to back it up online and others believe it.

      • Derek

        ^ “As the Ogallala Aquifer is MOST LIKELY bone dry in parts” <– code words for "I'm talking completely out of my ass"

      • Benjy Ray

        I did a quick research of it posted some on my facebook page last night It has been over used for years The Ogallala Aquifer Spans from Nebraska to Texas Right down the State Line of Kansas and Colorado need a Image, I looked it up on bing.com and Wikipedia.com The image I shared of the Natural Underground Water Aquifer is dated 1997.What amazes me is some report being oblivious to the referencing information about the area and the Over Production of Oil and Water drilling. Facts are Facts and the Truth is always obvious.

        • passin_threw

          ok rocket scientist, i’m here to tell you there isn’t an irrigation well in the area of the sink hole. and you haven’t shown anything to prove it’s from irrigation. does the aquifer come across that area? yes. is that the cause? NO you have made an incorrect assumption and we all know what that does

          • Benjy Ray

            Before you become presumptuous and want to argue about a fact, there is no need for a well to be that specific area for an underground cave that held water to collapse, and that does not require rocket science.

          • Benjy Ray

            Do you understand what a logistics seismograph crew does?

          • just some guy

            wow your a geologist too, man your amazing