Friday afternoon Motorcycle Accident injures Teen UPDATE

3:10 p.m.   A non-contact motorcycle accident on Friday afternoon sent a man to the hospital with serious injuries.

Friday afternoon motorcycle accident sent a 19 year old to the hospital

Friday afternoon motorcycle accident sent a 19 year old to the hospital

Hays Police Department Lt. Ron Rounkles told Hays Post, “A 19 year old man was driving a motorcycle north bound in the right lane of 1700 block of Vine Street just after 12 noon. He swerved to avoid a northbound pickup  in the left lane, driven by a 32-year old man. The truck driver changed lanes and did not see the motorcycle.

The motorcycle slid an undetermined distance. A preliminary investigation indicated the motorcycle rider was not wearing a helmet. His motorcycle was heavily damaged.  He was transported to Hays Medical Center. There is no indication of impairment of either vehicle operator at this point in the investigation, which remains active. Anyone who may have witnessed the accident  or might have any information is encouraged to contact Hays Police.”

1 :20 p.m. While you were at lunch, Hays Police and Ellis County Emergency Medical staff were responding to an injury accident at 19th and Vine Street. A car and Kawasaki motorcycle were involved. One person was transported to Hays Medical Center. No other details are currently available. Stay tuned to Eagle Radio and

The motorcycle accident stated in the 1700 block of Vine Street.

The motorcycle accident started in the 1700 block of Vine Street.

check Hays Post for more information as it becomes available.

  • hmmmmmm

    It will be so nice when the weather cools off so theses morons put these things back in storage for the winter..

    • Chris

      What about all those morons driving around in cars and pickups? When do we get a respite from them?

    • countryboy

      Get your head out of your buttocks and quit texting and talking on the phone and pay attention to the world around you. This is no different than the bicyclist that think they need to be on narrow roads around Hays while big trucks and everyone else is trying to get to work and act like they own the road. Remember to look around and be sure of your surrounding before changing lanes.

      • Chris

        You should do the same with your head, countryboy. Bicyclists have just as much of a right to the road. What is really annoying is when ‘countryboys’ in their big trucks blow by bicyclists, rev their engines, and pass by them as close as possible.

        • just some guy

          i cant agree more chris not to mention there trucks sound like s**t any ways

        • countryboy

          I was referring to HMMMM about wishing it was cooler out so the motor cycles was put back in the sheds for winter. I myself weather I’m in my truck or just my pickup will slow down and move to the other lane when it is safe to. It just when you come over a blind spot in the road and see them it is tough to get slowed down to be able to move over.

          • hays sucks

            Country boy..I beg of you..if you continue topmost..please..learn to speak and spell so u don’t sound so illiterate !!

          • passin_threw

            hahaha don’t you just hate when your auto correct gets it wrong as you’re scolding someone for their spelling? i always proof mine before hitting send, just some advice



  • Bike passenger

    Thank you motorcycle rider!! Many drivers do not see motorcycles and pull out right in front of them. Or in this case change lanes into them. If you cannot “see” the bike, you can hear them for sure. Accdents happen, but be aware people! Hope the young man is alright. Does anyone know his status??