KFIX Rock News: Journey Guitarist Reaches Out To Former Singer

schonperryJourney’s Neal Schon has reached out to connect with the band’s former frontman Steve Perry, who left the group in 1998.

On his Facebook page, Schon posted, “Great Steve Perry interview,” referencing a link to a 2012 interview with Perry.

“I hope we can can reach out to each other and connect once again,” he added.

“We had amazing chemistry together. I love him with all the love and admiration you could even have.”

“Steve let’s talk soon.”

Last month, Perry revealed that he recently underwent treatment for skin cancer.

On his Fan Asylum page, he wrote, “Three weeks ago a routine mole was taken off my face and the lab report came back Melanoma skin cancer,”

“I’ve had two surgeries in two weeks to remove all the cancer cells and I’ve been told they think they got it all and no other treatments are required.”

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  • tpohil80

    Though I feel they will never share the stage again, I hope these guys can call a truce.

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