Ellis County Extension – Wheat Plot Results

Stacy Campbell

K-State Research & Extension

Multi year average Click on the picture for a closer look at the numbers

Multi year average
Click on the picture for a closer look at the numbers

July 25, 2013

Ellis County Extension – Wheat Plot Results

With the 2013 wheat harvest a memory now, it is already time for farmers to plan for sowing the next crop. Wheat seed can be kept back for planting of the next crop, but new seed is also purchased periodically in an effort to reduce seed borne diseases and to improve genetics for yield and disease prevention.

To state the obvious–the drought is still hovering over a good bit of Kansas and the wheat yields reflected that to some extent this year.  For instance continuous crop wheat (wheat after wheat) or wheat after another crop only yielded from 10 to 20 bushels per acre in Ellis County. The summer fallow wheat meaning the ground has laid idle for a year or more with no crop grown on it did much better. Those yields ranged anywhere from 35 to 55 bushels/ac, probably a majority of it yielding between 40 to 50 bushels/ac in Ellis County. Overall considering the lack of precipitation and some hot and windy days at grain fill time, test weights were respectable with the county average hovering just under 60 lb. test weight. When wheat is moisture stressed it actually will be of higher protein which is also what the elevators reported this year with the average being about 12.8% protein.

Each year I get questions from farmers wanting to know what wheat varieties are performing (yielding) well. So I like to refer to the K-State Research & Extension western Kansas experiment stations results and to the local test plot, as well as other plots that might be in the area.

In looking at the 2012 & 13 KSU Western Kansas experiment station results and the county plot there are several Hard Red varieties that are not being grown in this area that growers may want to keep an eye on in the future for replacement seed. Byrd & Brawl CL Plus (CSU), Iba (OSU), Denali (CSU & KSU), LCS Mint (Limagrain), WB-Cedar (WestBred), WB4458, and WB-Grainfield. A new Hard White variety Antero from CSU yielded quite well this year and Clara CL (KSU) also had good yields in western Kansas.

Some of the more familiar varieties that are being grown in the area that are still yielding well are Winterhawk (WestBred), T 158 (Limagrain). TAM 111 (AgriPro) and TAM 112 (Whatley Seed) are consistently at or above average as well as PostRock (AgriPro). Note that several of these varieties do not have a very good foliar disease package and may warrant spraying a fungicide if foliar diseases are present during the growing season.

Below are the results of the 2013 No-till Wheat Variety test plot in Ellis County located about 2.5 miles north of I-70 and Victoria exit.  I would encourage growers to also look at the K-State Experiment Station wheat performance results at www.ellis.ksu.edu and the printed results will soon be in the High Plains Journal. Also look at other county agent, and Coop plots.

A special thank you goes out to Leon & Norbert Kuhn and family (L & N Farming) for once again putting out the test plot!

Previous Crop: Oats 2012, Feed 2011, Wheat 2010, Wheat 2009

Planted:  October 3, 2012

Planter:  Crust Buster 4030 All plant 7.5” spacing

Seeding Rate:  80 lbs/Acre

Fertility:  Total of 70 lb/ac. Nitrogen & 25 lb/ac. Phosphorus pre-plant

Herbicide:  Amber .4 oz/Acre

Soil Moisture:  surface dry & only 6” subsoil moisture at planting

Harvested:  June 28, 2013