Ag Marketing Program Seeks Advisory Board Members

KDA logo The Kansas Department of Agriculture’s (KDA) Agricultural Advocacy, Marketing and Outreach team (marketing program team) is seeking talented Kansans to serve on the program’s newly created advisory board.

Any interested Kansan who currently resides in the state is eligible to apply.

The mission of the KDA marketing program team is to serve all Kansans through innovative programming and deliver solutions designed to create an environment that facilitates growth and expansion in agriculture while increasing pride in and awareness of the state’s largest industry – agriculture.

Highlights of the program’s accomplishments include:

  • Leading eighteen international trade missions (12 outbound and six inbound) in 2012;from the land of ks
  • Developing a series of licensing guidelines to aid existing and prospective agribusinesses in navigating state regulatory requirements;
  • Rebranding and launching the state’s agricultural and food trademark program, From the Land of Kansas; and
  • Raising more than 75,000 meals for food insecure Kansans through the first-ever statewide food drive in celebration of Kansas Agriculture Day on March 19, 2013.

The marketing program team is seeking nine to 12 members for the advisory board with experience in at least one of the following sectors: livestock industry, commodity production, specialty crop production, local foods or farmers’ markets, restaurant and food service industry, value-added agriculture, agricultural education, rural economic development, food processing, finance and banking, agricultural cooperatives and marketing/economics.

Members will be appointed by Secretary Rodman to either a two-year of four-year term.

For more information about the marketing team, visit the KDA website.