Hays Police Department Arrest Log 7/18/2013 to 7/21/2013


All persons included in this post are innocent of crimes until proven guilty in a court of law.


This information is not criminal history. All individuals included in this post are innocent of crimes until proven guilty in a court of law. The Hays Post assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, or completeness, of this information. Any person who believes information provided is not accurate may submit a complaint to admin@hayspost.com.

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  • hmmmmm

    Zachary Robert Drummond must have made it his personal goal to make the police report every week.

    • howembarressing

      I’ll still eat there, that s**t is delicious.

      • hmmmm

        I hope you are not talking about my post, becuase if you are. You have made a mistake. I stated that “THEIR own opinions” (which is correct), and “the food THERE is horrible” (which again is correct). Just thought i would help you out.

      • passin_threw

        i agree hmmmm there’s no better mexican food than charlie’s

    • rumor

      The Drummand boy needs help… lets be compassionate and not cruel… he needs to get into a treatment program and hopefully our judicial system will see to that…

      • disqus_2whEyO0Gka

        or lets just be real. He clearly needs to be punished for something instead of being let out. Maybe if he did some actual time he wouldn’t be adding to his rap sheet every week.

      • just some guy

        he is now

  • Hmmmmmmm

    Why are these people so happy to be arrested? Looks like Drummond is a career repeater. Larry and Mario look like they just won lottery.

    • gskeers

      be cause they are in a gigily situation and that is drunk and stoned Larry and Mario ain’t the only ones there are others

  • Dougie

    I dont think Drummond has changed his shirt either..How many times do you arrest someone before you hold them a while? Does he have to hurt someone seriously?

    • Senor Limpio

      It’s the same mug shot as the last few weeks.

  • just saying

    Looks like the Lindsey brothers are representing Ft Hays football proudly ! Lol such a joke. Less smoking pot and more practice and ft hays MIGHT have a winning season.

  • derek

    Yeah, since no one has ever been arrested and not found guilty.

  • dougie

    For all we know Mario slapped Fred Phelps… If that was the case I bet it will be great for business.

  • Sheesh!

    You are all so childish. Btw hayspost, is the commenting disclaimer there for looks?! Seems like a few violators on here! Lol

  • Uncle Thomas

    Anyone who places themselves in a position to have a mug shot deserves to be here. No matter the circumstances a business person with any sense should be able to walk away or as a proud member of C3 be able turn the cheek.

    • just the truth

      Not a member of C3. Hasn’t been for many years. Guess if he’s catholic now then confession, a few hail mary’s, then off to the bar.

  • Uncle Thomas

    Why is it not required for any member of a collegiate team which receives scholarships, grants, etc. be randomly drug tested?

    • Old Bob

      They are

  • just some guy

    welcome to hays ks.

  • Don

    I supposed Acey Richmond was to busy at work to go to court? Last I knew she was living off the system.

    • KarmaisaB

      By the way smart mouth DON..Acey Richmond got a “no seat belt” ticket,
      and forgot to get it taken care of.. And for your information (since you seem to know it all)..she is a cancer survivor, had a 50/50 chance to live with cancer 2.5 years ago. She actually could be on disability, but she refuses; she works 2 jobs pulling in about 50 hours a week. She also gathers grocery items for the less fortunate and delivers them to the elderly out of the kindness of her heart, no $$. So, maybe you should know what your talking about before you talk. She has never lived “off the system”. She works hard every day to make it just like the rest of us! It’s sad that she even has to have her “mugshot” over a silly no seat belt ticket! She has a scar on her neck (from her cancer surgery) and the seat belt irritates her neck where she was operated on..
      So once again, please know what your talking about before you say statements that are deceitful, barbaric, and most certainly inaccurate; DO know your facts first!

      Thank you.

      • RussellOG

        Don LeDouche, taking a shot at a cancer patient. Won’t look good on judgement day my man.

      • just some guy

        not wearing your seat belt IS (last i knew) against the law, just because you fail to appear because you work does not make you above the law. she could have called the court house and told her dilemma they might have worked with her, and made a court date that she could have attended

        • KarmaisaB

          Not that it is YOUR business either..she was gone out of town..forgot about the ticket..got home on Sunday eve..and had a note on the door..unlike a lot of people..she went straight to the station to get it resolved. She was not actually taken in..she willingly went in..had her pic taken, fingerprints, paid her little ticket, and went home! :)

          • Bees Knees

            Don’t you have 30 days to take care of that before your court date?

          • rumor

            s t

          • rumor

            Leave this lady alone.. I do not know her but KarmaisaB told her story… she “willing went in and had her pic taken” all of you judges maybe should look under the rug on your front porch..

          • rumor

            As for Mario and Larry, I got caught with whatever they were doing wrong… how many of you are guilty and just haven’t been caught? I don’t quite understand Mario and Larry smilling at the camera for their wrong doings… maybe they felt their lawyers would take care of things or maybe they were being asked to smile for the camera… who knows..

          • just some guy

            cry me a river she broke the law and now she should pay. forgetting is not a justifiable reason, for any crime

      • Uncle Thomas

        Since when does one wear their seatbelt around their neck?
        As for the cancer…BIG DEAL! Everyone wants something to be a victim of…

        • What a joke

          Referring to cancer as not being a big deal? Are you f@’k#*g kidding?? You deserve to rot in hell!!!!!!

        • Sick

          I usually find your comments pretty funny but seriously saying cancer being a “big deal” yeah it is and that is really f’d up. Its obvious you haven’t had to deal with it or had any family that has had cancer. Yes… It is a BIG DEAL!

  • nunyer

    ANYONE can be arrested for any reason, period. Do the police release the names and photos of the people who were cleared of charges? Would the Has Post report it?

  • tigers

    Sad day for FHSU tiger athletics. 2 football players and 1 lady soccer player all in one arrest report.

  • Carlos O’Kelly

    Hays PD have been known as the keystone cops for years. Eagle should not post anything until parties have been found guilty in a court of law. Mario simply touched an employee on the shoulder and asked to speak with her at the front of the store. Remember what town you are in.

    • just some guy

      that’s all that happened ? wow and charges were filed? by simply touching an employee’s shoulder? man that’s insane, boy i hope that my boss “just touches” my shoulder i ll have him get the death penalty………….really how stupid do you think we are I know I was not there but i really don’t think the “keystone cops” of Hays would handcuff, arrest, book, and take some to jail just for touching a shoulder for a talk, UNLESS it was in an aggressive manner or he was extremely agitated, ie. screaming and yelling, and threatening the person, or in a sexual harassing manner

      • another guy

        To press charges is easy. Anyone can do it. And a charge will get an arrest.

        Simple battery may include any form of non-consensual, harmful or insulting contact, regardless of the injury caused.

        No public arrest was made. In this case it was a phone call to come down for a statement and requirement by law for formality.

        Hays Post should start covering the final outcome’s for all of these people too.

        • just some guy

          and we are to believe you too ??

  • Yahooserious

    Cops get heated too, and some arrests are not even prosecuted over lack of real substance. I agree. I’d say don’t be so hard. Damnnn.

  • Tami

    Brandon, I must say I am proud of you… For once, someone sees it like I do. We all make mistakes people. Regardless of the mistakes, we are not here to judge…. Let God be the final judge. You never know when this will be you. Remember the meaning of Karma…. What goes around comes around. I don’t like Mario’s food either, but that doesn’t mean I am going to slam him on Hays Post, I’ll keep my opinion to myself as everyone has a different taste. Larry a business man as well, that doesn’t mean he is perfect. Business people make mistakes too! NO ONE IS PERFECT. Innocent until proven guilty means nothing to you people who criticize and judge. You get on here and talk, yet your not big enough to tell the public who you are. Not everyone is man enough like Brandon C.

  • just some guy

    ok tami and brandon c what are your last names, your still incogneto, as for GOD being the judge, really, when has he ever came to earth and judged ANYONE, are you saying that you have to die first to be judged? by GOD? if thats the case why mot just put every criminal to sleep, let GOD judge them and if their worthy your god will send them back to be part of society again