Water Tower Maintenance Scheduled

At last week’s City Commission Meeting, approval was given to allow a company to paint the inside of hays water tower norththe city’s north water tower. It’s estimated that the tower will be out of commission for about a week.

An inspection in 2008 showed that there was blistering on the inside and maintenance needed completed on the tower’s interior.

The city received 7 bids and moved forward with the lowest one. This bid came in under the amount budgeted for the repairs.

City manager Toby Dougherty and Commissioner Eber Phelps were on the Eagle Radio morning show last Friday and among other topics, helped shed some light on this project.

Commissioner Phelps mentioned that it’s important that maintenance is completed before it gets to the point of the tank getting rusted out on the inside.

Dougherty added there has been speculation that a noticeable drop in water pressure may be seen in hotels north of Interstate-70, specifically on 3rd floors and higher. The impact should be minimal as the city is able to run the entire distribution system with the infrastructure at the treatment plant. The towers help with pressure regulation, but the pressure will be re-regulated using underground storage and pumps to compensate while the water tower is being painted.

Utilities Director Bernie Kitten told Hays Post that work is slated to begin around September 1st, as the weather conditions are ideal.