Recent Rains Don’t End Drought

rain big creek

Water running in Hays Big Creek Sunday
(Picture Courtesy Jeff Durall)

The 3.43 inches of rain falling in Hays over the weekend and until 8a.m. Monday, plus Thursday night’s 2.37 inches, give Hays 7 inches of rain so far in July, as measured as the K-State Agriculture Research Center.

Still, it’s not nearly enough to break the two-and-a-half year drought. Fire Chief Gary Brown keeps a close eye on the city’s water levels:

According to Brown, the fire department used one day’s worth of winter water use for the entire city to fight the July 16 fire caused by a 12-car train derailment.


  • Name

    The city should keep an eye on their own watering habits. My wife and I drove by the Hays Aquatic park Saturday evening and saw the sprinklers running. Even after Thursday evening’s rain and the forecast. Seems very unnecessary to us.

    • disqus_2whEyO0Gka

      Not to mention the HRC’s soccer fields. They were always on when we were at baseball games.