Kansas official estimates Common Core test costs

(AP) — The cost of testing Kansas school children on new math and reading skills will be higher than what the state is currently paying, but education officials say

Dr. Diane DeBacker Kansas Commissioner of Education

Dr. Diane DeBacker
Kansas Commissioner of Education

the expense will be below some national estimates.

Kansas Department of Education Commissioner Diane DeBacker says that the new tests will be more expensive when the state assessments are aligned to the new Common Core standards in 2015.

The state spends about $4.6 million annually to give the current battery of tests to about 250,000 students a year. The change in the new tests will be their complexity and requiring students to write more.

DeBacker says the cost will be below the $11.2 million to $13.4 million estimate because Kansas won’t use all the services offered by test developers.


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