Kansas at crossroads of marijuana trafficking

(AP) — This is not your old man’s marijuana.Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 11.43.42 AM

Authorities say a burgeoning domestic pot industry has transformed the potency of the weed now hitting the streets.

In the past, law enforcement says they mostly seized compressed marijuana bricks. Now they are mostly intercepting medical-grade, domestic marijuana.

A Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area study found busts involving Colorado weed were made last year in 23 states.

Information obtained by The Associated Press through an open records request shows the Kansas Highway Patrol made 468 felony drug trafficking arrests last year. The agency arrested 187 people during the first five months this year. Most of the pot seized came from Colorado.

Troopers also seized $4 million in cash last year, and $1.3 million during the first five months of this year.


  • come on

    legalize it and tax the shit out of it the consumer will pay it

  • pixar

    How can they be sure that it was colorado weed?…. also legalize it.that would put millions of dollars in the governments hands and we all know that would make them happy

    • Frank

      If it was purchased at a dispensary it would be labeled with name of dispensary, amount, and the type of strain.

      • just some guy

        unless they un-package it

        • Frank

          Really? I had no idea, thank you for your astounding insight.

  • Frank

    Apparently Kansas authorities prefer giving that business to the Mexican cartels