TMP-Marian Program a Model for Others Nationally

TMP-Marian’s Parent Power Program has been awarded a 2013 Promising Practices Award by the Character Education Partnership (CEP). CEP has selected TMP-

Kathy Taylor, TMP-Marian Principal

Kathy Taylor, TMP-Marian Principal

Marian’s “Parent Power” to serve as a model for schools nationwide to replicate and integrate into their character education initiatives.  In May, the Kansas State Department of Education, in partnership with the Character Education Partnership recognized Thomas More Prep-Marian for Promising Practices in Character Education

Jeff Brull, TMP-Marian Advance Director told Hays Post, “this is a new award at the national level. It is for the same program, but was selected as a model for schools nationally.”

Principal Kathy Taylor and Safe & Supportive Schools Grant Coordinator Stacey Lang will be traveling to Washington, D.C. to receive the award for the grant-funded “Parent Power” program on October 25. Rachel Wentling, while in her previous role as assistant principal at TMP-Marian, wrote the Safe and Supportive Schools Grant that funded this program. The program was conducted by Stacey Lang and Noalee McDonald. Taylor submitted the application for TMP-Marian at the state level as the grant coordinator and the school was chosen as a state winner. When “Parent Power” was forwarded on to the national level, the program again won top honors.

“This is a big deal,” Taylor, said of the prestigious award that only a select group of schools achieves. “TMP-Marian has always been at the forefront of character education. It’s a blessing to be able to share all the good things that happen here.”

The Character Education Partnership (CEP) is an umbrella organization for character education based in Washington D.C. It serves as the leading resource for people and organizations that are integrating character education into their schools and communities.

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    So WHAT IS “Parent Power?” It’s great they got an award, we know who started it and gave the award but after reading the article I still have no clue what it is