Faulty meters cited in City’s unusual water loss

AP) — Authorities in a northeast Kansas community are cracking down on illegal water consumption but say old and faulty meters are the Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 7.55.46 PMbiggest reason for the apparent overuse of water. State officials notified Junction City earlier this month that it was using as much as 30 percent more water than allotted. Interim City Manager Cheryl Beatty said Wednesday that residents illegally taking water from hydrants are a small percentage of the problem. Beatty attributes the rest to an aging system of meters that leak and inaccurately report usage. Beatty says the city will replace more than 9,000 meters over the next two years. The police department issued a notice July 7 asking the public’s help in identifying the source of the water usage.

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  • Dave

    Junction City = northeast Kansas? Check a map.