Suspect in Custody after Two hour standoff

According to Russell County Sheriff John R. Fletcher, early Saturday morning officers from the Russell County Sheriff’s office responded to Gorham with a report of a possible suicidal subject.russell co sheriff badge

The subject was identified as Justin Windholz.  Officers discovered a felony warrant out for Windholz from Northeast Kansas Community Corrections, and they attempted to make contact with the man, who then barricaded himself in his home.

Officers from the Kansas Highway Patrol and Russell County Sheriff’s Office Special Operation Group responded, attempting to make contact and talk the subject out of the residence.

After attempts to communicate failed, Sheriff’s Office deputies entered the residence.  At 2:31am Windholz was taken into custody without further incident or injury, and was transported to High Plains Mental Health in Hays for evaluation.  Windholz remains in custody.

  • CountyMounty

    Justin, what the heck man?

  • Runner

    I don’t know what even caused this young man’s stress level to be considered suicidal, but it seems The Post could have left his name out of the article, thus not adding MORE stress to his current situation! Hope you get the needed help young man!

  • SadDeal

    It’s sad to read this article. I was close to Justin and went to school with him. I hope god leads him and gets him out of this rut he is in. He’s a wonderful guy and I wish better things for him.

  • hays sucks

    Why should they leave his name out.?? He’s a criminal.. the public has a right to know what kind of psycho live in their neighborhood..

  • SayWhat

    Hays Post,.. Yellow Journalism at is finest! Maybe one of these days this wannabe newspaper can report actual facts, instead of slandering people on a weekly basis.