No Burnt Butts After All (As Far as We Know)

cancer council of el co burnt butt postercancer council of el co flesherThere was plenty of sunscreen to go around, so no ACTUAL butts were burned during Saturday morning’s first-ever Burnt Butt 5K fundraiser for the Cancer Council of Ellis County.

The event was held in conjunction with the annual downtown Hays Annual KCBS-sanctioned BBQ contest…hence the race name.

Butt wait—there’s more!cancer council of el co logo

Additional moneys were raised for the Cancer Council as people voted with their dollars to watch someone kiss a real live pig.

The “lucky” winner, Lonny Claycamp of Insurance Planning, who laid one on the swine from the Fort Hays State University Farm.

Organizer Sara Bloom says 70 runners took on the Burnt Butt 5K, with 10 more people participating in the Fun Run:

(Pictures Courtesy Cancer Council of Ellis County)