Ellis Police: Scam Artist Targeting Travelers

Scam artists reportedly got away with a substantial amount of cash during a weekend incident in Ellis County. Ellis Police Chief Taft Yates told Hays Post, “On Friday, a Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 11.21.50 AMMotor Home was fueling up at the Loves truck stop, 200 Washington, in Ellis.

There was an older couple from out of state operating the motor home. An unknown male suspect, in his mid 20s, approached the man. One of the unknown suspect told the older man a quick way to make some money.

The older man went with the suspect to check it out. There were three other unknown male suspects in their mid 20s playing what seemed to be a card game.

The unknown male suspects kept asking questions to keep the older couple confused and unfocused on the situation.

All of a sudden one of the unknown male suspects stripped the watch off of the older man’s wrist and took about $2,400 in cash from the other hand of the older man.

Another male suspect, who may have been a “look out” person, was sitting at the entrance of the semi truck fueling area.

The incident took place between 2 semi trailers in Loves parking lot. Once the suspects had taken the money from the older man, one of the unknown suspects walked with the older couple and told them their money was in one of the semi trucks. Then the suspect walked away.”

Authorities are unsure of the direction the suspects traveled when they left Ellis. Yates said that information on the incident has been communicated to law enforcement across the state.

“The young suspects seemed to be very well rehearsed in what they wanted to accomplish,” said Yates. “They never ran and had a newer model white 4-door passenger car, which they all got into after they took the money from the older couple,” said Yates.

The suspects are described as

4 white males. Wearing jeans and T-shirts.
1 male was 6 ft 2 in short curly blonde hair, short beard, 200+ lbs, and very red cheeks.
1 male 5 ft 9 in short dark hair average build.
Newer white 4-door passenger car.
Hanging around truck stops waiting for RVs to fuel up on the truck side.

“They seem to be targeting unsuspecting older vacationers. They were very polite and lured the victims into a false sense of security,” said Yates