2014 City Budget considerably less than 2013

During last Thursday’s Commission work session, the proposed 2014 budget was presented  to the Commission by City Manager Toby hays ks logoDougherty.

Details of the 2014 budget are noted below; however the City Commission will review the budget again August 1 and a public hearing is scheduled for August 22nd to grant plenty of opportunity for public discussion.  A draft copy is also available in the City Manager’s office for review and past budget in briefs are available on the city’s website at www.haysusa.com

2014 Budget

A balanced budget was presented

Entire 2014 budget is $2 million less than 2013 budget

  • Budgets are similar but appear less because cash is used to purchase capital expenditures in 2013 rather than incurring debt (any debt increases property taxes therefore the Commission uses a pay cash as you go system).
  • Also transfers to reserves were made in 2013 throughout various funds

The budget allows for the continued 25 mill levy by utilizing excess revenues to offset the asking amount

Continuation of pay as you go for capital projects – over the past three years $4.4 million has been paid in cash

  • This is done as not to increase debt and keep the levy low

Reserves continue to be adequately funded

Sales Tax revenues are budgeted with a -1% for 2013 and flat for 2014

  • Current sales tax is -1.25%

2014 General Fund is approximately $60,000 more than last year

Budget contains the same number of employees as last year

No rate increase in solid waste

Only necessary projects were added to protect investment in facilities and infrastructure