Water Alert, Rural Ellis County

The city of Munjor, south of Hays, is reporting that water levels in their well are low. They  need residents in the area to  please cut back on water use as much as possible.


Munjor issues a water Alert

Stay tuned to Eagle Radio and check Hays Post for additional details as they become available.

  • Countryboykw

    This should include the people with water wells. The water comes from the same Aquifer. Maybe my Neighbors will quit wasting water on their yards now.

    • passin_threw

      aren’t most of the private wells shallow dakota wells?

      • Countryboykw

        No most back yard water wells are only 40-60 feet deep. Dakota wells are 550 feet deep. The chlorides are not real high in Dakota wells but are high enough that they can be not safe to drinks lots of.