Kris Kobach: Suppressing Kansas voters since 2011

July 19, 2013 – 3:38pm

12,000. That’s the number of Kansans whose voter registration is in limbo because of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach.Kobach

These Kansans have been caught up by Kris Kobach’s almost certainly unconstitutional proof-of-citizenship law that requires people who register to vote in the state for the first time to provide a birth certificate, passport or other document.

While some Kansans have failed to meet these onerous and potentially expensive requirements, many have complied only to see their paperwork disappear into a system Kobach assured state legislators would seamlessly register Kansans.

Any decent human would at the least be concerned that eligible voters who have done nothing wrong are still being denied access to the ballot box.

But not Kris Kobach.

Kobach contends that 12,000 suppressed voters is not a major problem. In fact, it’s just a drop in the bucket when compared to the 1.8 million Kansans who are of voting age.

It’s odd then that Kris Kobach can’t apply this same numerical logic to alleged voter fraud.

In the 20 years between 1988 and 2008, only 75 Kansas cases of voter fraud were reported and zero convictions resulted from those reports. Doesn’t matter to Kris Kobach – voter fraud is a serious problem worth spending millions of dollars to combat.

Former Republican and Democratic Secretaries of State also agree voter fraud is just not a problem in Kansas. Doesn’t matter to Kris Kobach because he believes so strongly that voter fraud is real.

It’s telling, then, to note what does matter to Kris Kobach. He cares deeply about non-existent voter fraud, fighting to enforce some of the strictest voting laws in the country. He cares so much that he is willing to make up stories about dead voters, lie about immigrants voting and mislead Kansans about voter fraud.

But Kansans who are stripped of their rights to vote – that’s no big deal.

Maybe that’s because voter ID laws and proof of citizenship laws like the ones pushed by Kris Kobach disproportionately impact Democratic voters. Just two days ago Pennsylvania’s GOP Chair admitted as much, saying that voter ID laws helped suppress Obama voters.

In the end, Kris Kobach doesn’t really care about voter fraud. No, it appears that what Kris Kobach really cares about is stopping people who disagree with him from voting

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  • Dakz McNeil

    Do these laws disproportionately affect Democrats because there are more “democrats” trying to commit fraud and have illegal registrants? I’m good with what the Secretary is doing and everyone should be. You need ID to do pretty much anything. Unions require ID to vote in Union elections, why not real elections?

  • Susan Diekman McFarland

    Uh–I’m sorry, but it depends on your lifestyle as to whether you need a photo ID or not. My 85-year-old mother gave up driving years ago voluntarily, so she doesn’t need a driver’s license. She’s had her checking account for approximately 25 years–the bank is not likely, at this late date, to ask for her ID when they all know her. She doesn’t drink alcohol, so there’s no need there, either. And she’s not a movie fan, so we don’t rent movies, either. Yet, she’s a dedicated Republican voter, having never missed an election since I don’t know when. Her traveling days are over–but when we do travel, it’s by car–and I’m the driver, not her. and since she doesn’t fly, no need for ID there, either..

    For her to get a current photo ID, she would have to get a certified copy of her birth certificate, a copy of her second marriage license, and write to the state of Colorado for her first marriage licence to my dad. (She fortunately has her divorce papers, so she wouldn’t have to spend money to get those, at least.) I don’t know what it would cost in the state of Colorado, but I looked up what KS would charge–and she would have to spend $45 just here in KS to get the appropriate documents.

    Mom could easily afford it–but she’s fortunate among single female senior citizens. I personally know a lot of female senior citizens who would find spending this kind of money to accumulate documents something of a burden. (Fixed income and all that, you know.)

    It depends on your lifestyle more than anything else, I suppose, but except for the driver’s license, I can’t remember the last time I had to show ID for anything.

  • Jack Herman

    “Maybe that’s because voter ID laws and proof of citizenship laws like the ones pushed by Kris Kobach disproportionately impact Democratic voters” Yeah, I can see how limiting the number of votes an individual can cast in a single election would effect Democrats. That also doesn’t include the ballots of the deceased, illegal alien, etc. votes they’d missout on.

  • Cousin Johhny

    It seems to me that ID laws need to be enforced equally across all of government. If I do not need to show ID and proof of eligibility to vote then why should I to board a airplane? Why should I have to show ID to open a bank account? Why should I have to show ID to enter a Federal Building.
    It used to be that could steal my neighbors water bill and of election day go down and vote, then go back later and vote again as myself. Its very difficult to catch and detect when this happens.
    It infringes upon my rights more when someone ineligible votes and cancels my vote out than it does when someone does not have the ID and there ballot is questioned until they provide the right ID proving who they are.
    I think its odd that people actually believe that more Republicans have Photo ID than Democrat’s……can anyone point me someplace where they have actually studied this and show some reliable proof that this is the case?
    Surely some Foundation or Association of some kind has studied this… guess is they have and it didn’t turn out in there favor or they would of been all over the news with it!