Man hits wife with Car

A Salina woman was seriously injured Thursday morning when her husband accidentally hit her with the car while backing up.Emergency

Deputy Police Chief Carson Mansfield says the 65-year-old woman suffered cuts, scrapes, and broken bones, when her 91-year-old husband was backing up in a car, and he ran over her. The accident occurred around 8:30am, in the 900 block of E. Jewell

The man took his wife to Salina Regional Health Center. She was in serious condition. The hospital contacted police. Authorities say the man didn’t see her and it was an accident.

  • )@^!&”&

    Whoa what an age gap!!

  • nunyer

    Poor guy will never again win an argument with his wife. “But you ran over me!” pretty much trumps any other last words.

  • Hadenuf

    Upon seeing what he’d done, the man promptly put it in drive an pulled back into the garage.