Kid Pedal Pullers win at the Ellis County Fair

Eagle Radio of Hays employee owners Mike Holliday, Dustin Armbruster, and Trey Lynd were busy with another competitive Ellis County Fair Kids Pedal Pull on Wednesday evening. (click on the photos above for a closer look)

All contestants that get 1st, 2nd, or 3rd…qualify for the State Championship Kids Pedal Pull at the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson on September 8th, 2013.

4 year old division
1. Brandon Daugue
2. Michael Watson
3. Brooklyn Watson

5 year old division
1. Layton Hoffman
2. Konner Haas
3. Jaxson Chartier

6 year old division
1. Carter Graham
2. Kaden Haas
3. Caden Yauch

7 year old division
1. Caiden Hoffman
2. Kimberly Sack
3. Greg Huser

8 year old division
1. Jayvon Letsch
2. Landon Dinkel
3. Amelia Jaeger

9 year old division
1. Jace Wentling
2. Kylie Dreiling
3. Levi Huser

10 year old division
1. Nick Park
2. Nicholas Hund
3. Alexis Bochy

11 year old division
1. Jacob Sack
2. Shane Falco
3. John Cocktoson

12 year old division
1. Jared Casey
2. Emily Quinn
3. Brittney Park

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