Moran on Tuesday’s Train derailment

On his facebook page, Senator Jerry Moran expressed his appreciation to first responders who were involved with Tuesday’s train derailment in Hays.moran-239x300

“Early this (Tues) morning a freight train collision and derailment took place in Hays, Kansas, but thankfully no one was injured. My gratitude goes out to the firefighters and emergency personnel who battled the blaze and kept Kansans safe, as well as the American Red Cross volunteers who assisted the residents who were affected.”

  • nunyer

    At least Boldra and Moran both recognize the serious situation. Little Timmy Huelskamp can’t be bothered. That’s good news for us because if the cameras were on him he’d blame the crash on Obama, deny any disaster funding for the cleanup, call the hard-working Hays citizens “moochers,” and claim the train wreck was an Act Of God because He was punishing those two trains for being on the same track, kinda like gay marriage.