Train Derailment Water Restrictions Update

Due to the train derailment this morning, and the flow of water needed for the fire, extraordinary water restrictions were put into Train derailmentplace. The city says those restrictions have now been allowed to expire. Normal 12-noon – 7pm conservation measures can now be resumed.

  • disqus_FnryGhYlEf

    Yet another reason to have more strict watering regulations. There will come a fire we won’t have water to put it out with.

    • passin_threw

      fact of the matter is they could of put the fire out in a lot less water using foam rather than all the water they wasted.

      • just some guy

        Fire fighter expert to huh. Maybe HFD does not have foam in their arsonal of fire fighting tools. im sure the guy in charge knows better than you.

        • passin_threw

          not an expert at all…..but smart enough to know that my tax money has helped buy 2 trucks that were both on scene that are equipped with foam. any more questions?

          • just some guy

            i doubt that you were close enough to see if they used foam or not, and im positive that you did not do a fly over just to see what they used. but since you are not a firefighter nor an expert, maybe foam is more expensive than water, im sure the captain knows better than you friend, what is best to use, OR maybe its a plot against you and he wanted to use up all the water just so your lawn will turn brown. In any case we need to conserve water for these emergencies, OR wait maybe just maybe the railroad is in with the captain and they created a hologram of a train crash just to waste water just so you cant water the streets, hey if Tupoc can have a hologram so can hays. wait this just in THEY DID USE FOAM, AND WATER because the EPA was there to collect the run off because it would be hazardous to the (yep you guessed it) the ground water

  • Uncle Thomas

    “extraordinary water restrictions were put into place”…huh? What was the request? No outdoor watering? I saw more sprinklers and persons watering the sidewalks and streets this morning then ever before!

  • YUP!

    maybe the CITY should stop watering there flowers and trees along the streets and parks. i have seen them watering between 12-7, why not ticket the city? no one should be watering outside, who cares if your grass is green, i drove by a house at 3 and they were watering there front yard. i have heard there are a couple of people on thunderbird that have had 7 warnings and still not ticketed. things need to change before its too late..

    • just some guy

      im telling you the people up on Thunderbird and the elite are above the law, why should they have to get a fine, they have a high property tax, expensive cars to put gas into and do you know how much greens fees are at the country club,
      they cant afford to pay a water fine, silly