Pets Safe at Vet Hospital near Derailment UPDATE

 5 p.m. update  Hays Veterinary Hospital Staff is being allowed inside to care for the pets. There has been no damage to the property or building. Time and date of reopening is still unsure. Hays Post will provide additional details as they become available.


The Hays Veterinary Hospital is closed due to the train derailment. The police escorted Dr. Mosier into the building to allow him to treat and feed the pets and then

A busy night for first responders working the train derailment.

A busy night for first responders working the train derailment.

escorted him out. We will post again by 10 to say if a core group of staff will be allowed in for emergencies.

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  • just some guy

    Dr. Mosier is the BEST

    • Uncle Thomas

      Dr. Mosier and his entire staff are the BEST!

      • just some guy

        i would let him work on me, he and his staff really do care for the animals, and its not about the money either, ive had him come to the office at 3:00 in the morning for a box of sick kittens that i found on the side of the road (wish i could of found the person that put them there) to take care of them. he is the best