UPDATE Water Main Break in Downtown Hays (VIDEO)

4:05 p.m. update     The leak has been stopped and repairs are continue downtown to repair the water main break.

Initially crews thought the leak was originating from a 14” line, but it appears to actually be from the 8” line.  Workers believe they have isolated the leak and stopped the flow of water.  The cause is still unknown, but crew members told Hays Post that it could have been due to the heat.





water break 1

Water Main Break in Downtown Hays

Please be advised, effective immediately, the 100 block of West 10th Street between Main and Fort will be completely closed due to a water main break and street repairs resulting in this break.

The south parking lot (near the railroad tracks) will remain open. Signs will be in place to direct the traveling public. The traveling public should use caution and if at all possible avoid this area.

Repairs will be completed as quickly as possible. At this time staff is unable to provide a completion date.

The City of Hays regrets any inconvenience this may cause to the public. If there are any questions, please call the Public Works Service Division at 628-7353 (street repairs) or the Utilities Department at 628-7380 (water main break).

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    I had a buddy get ticketed because of a water line break at his house so I hope the city gets a tickets for this water line break. They told him wasting water is wasting water no matter what.

    • boston terrier

      but the city is above the law

    • !

      I didn’t see where it said the city caused the break?
      It could be the private construction going on at the old Hair Academy building, could be something else, article is vague in that respect.
      Unless you have further information you care to share that back your claim that this water line break was caused by the city?

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        My buddy did not cause the break in his line either, it was the line going to his house from the street. Nobody caused it

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    Where is Uncle Thomas on this one? I’m sure he has a lot to say about this for sure!!!

  • passin threw

    i understand things happen…but why was the water still running 2 hours after it first happened?

  • chris

    where is !’s facts to back up his claim that the previous 2 posters need facts to back up their claims?

  • http://Hayspost Wow

    Seriously guys you have nothing better else to do except complain about water leaks come on seriously get a life.

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      wow, no tonight i am just coming on to be childish and annoy people

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      BUT yet you are on her a 10:00 at night, sounds to me that someone else needs to “GET A LIFE”.