Former City Manager wants to help USD 489

Randy Gustafson

Randy Gustafson

Former Hays city manager Randy Gustafson has told Hays Post he will probably be in attendance at Monday night’s USD 489 School Board meeting. Gustafson has submitted a management agreement (See Above) The proposal is “to establish criteria that a new USD 489 superintendent could use in establishing processes that would improve and enhance the efficiency and innovation.”


The Board will hear comments from the public.
The Board will hear reports from committees.
The Board will review communications from other organizations, including minutes and agendas.
The Superintendent shall provide the Board with a report of district events, activities, accomplishments, occurrences and news.
Approval of Consent Agenda (Items to be approved by the Board in one motion, unless an item is removed).
A. July, 1 2013 Board Meeting Minutes
B. July 8, 2013 Work Session Minutes
C. PersonnelTransactions
D. Approve bills in the amount of $ 710,028.72
E. Financial Reports
F. KSDEUnencumberedCashBalances
G. Surplus Property
7. Superintendent’s Retirement:
The Board will accept the revised retirement letter from Will Roth.
8. Authorization for Board President to Sign Nutrition Documents:
The Board President will need to sign the 2013-14 Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Agreement Addendum and the Attestation of Compliance with Meal Pattern Requirements SY 2013-14.
9. ManagementConsultantContract:
Randy Gustafson, management consultant, has submitted a proposal to establish criteria that a new superintendent could use in establishing processes that would improve and enhance the efficiency and innovation.
10.Appointment to Committees:
The President will present a slate of recommended appointments to committees for the 2013-14 year. (President)
11.Approval of Handbooks, Student and Employee:
The Board will be asked to approve the student handbooks from Hays High, Hays Middle, and elementary schools; as well as the approval of the District Classified Handbook and Administrative Handbook.
 District Elementary Handbook
 Hays Middle School Handbook
 Hays High School / Activities Handbook
 Classified Staff Handbook
 Administrative Staff Handbook
12.Copy Paper Bid:
The Board will be asked to approve the low bid for copy paper. (Richard Cain)
13. Hays High Soda Proposal:
The Board will consider proposals from Coke and Pepsi for the exclusive contract for products at Hays High. (Marty Straub)
14. Wireless Bid:
The Board will consider bids for upgrading the wireless infrastructure for the USD 489 network. (Todd Bryant)
15. FY 14 Capital Outlay Draft:
The Administration will present a first draft of the Capital Outlay budget for 2013- 14. (Richard Cain)
16. Contracts for Administration and Directors:
Bill Jeter will present recommendation for contracts.
17.Policy for Contracts:
Will Roth, Superintendent and Bill Jeter, BOE Attorney, will lead a discussion on current contract policy for DJFA – Purchasing Authority which addresses purchases made under $20,000. All contracts exceeding $20,000 are to be approved by the Board, authorizing the Board President to execute such contracts.
18.Policy for Board of Education Committees:
BOE policy BBC Board Committees new language concerning Technology
19.Home Rule Resolution:
Bill Jeter will lead a discussion of the necessity of a Home Rule Resolution
20.Board of Education Meeting Dates for 2013-14:
Consider Resolution specifying board of education meeting dates, location, and times per K.S.A. 72-8205. Also see BOE Meeting Calendar for 2013-14.
21.Multi-Peril Insurace for 2013-14:
Consider the approval of Multi-peril Insurance for the 2013-14 school year from Insurance Planning. A general discussion regarding district safety program will be discussed at a future work session.
22.Board Attorney Retainer Fee for 2013-14
The Board will need to discuss the Board Attorney Retainer Fee. The fee could not be determined until the Board meeting calendar was set.
23.Discussion by Board Members and agenda requests. 24. Executive Session
25. Adjournment

  • Teacher

    What the he$$ does Randy Gustafson know about schools? He is NOT WORTH $125 an hour of my tax money!

  • Yikes

    They should visit with all his former employees at the City before they move forward.

  • passin threw

    seems to be somethin in a wood pile here

  • Curious

    Does he have ANY background in educational administration or management?

  • Backhoe

    If this goes through every person with a child in 489 should consider home schooling right away! Absolutely ridiculous!!!!

  • Uncle Thomas

    Former City Manager wants to help USD 489 for an amount not to exceed $62,500 plus per diem. First problem is when per diem was not spelled out I only traveled first class…flights, cars, five star hotels, meals, cocktails, etc. Without per diem spelled out the former city manager could go to ever trap shoot (his hobby) greater then 1000 miles away, take his wife and visit on pre school and call it business.
    With the agreements I did not see qualifications e.g., resume, CV, publications, education, etc. Has the former city manager ever consulted before. Were any options reviewed…what are the topic school district consulting firms in the United States. One would think a former Superintendent with a PhD and 25+ years of experience could be secured with a contract of 500 hours @ $125/hr.

    • uncle thomas

      Is my comment going to be in “your comment is awaiting moderation” forever? It has been more then 24 hours!

  • Uncle Thomas

    “probably will be in attendance”? He showed up for last weeks work session did he not? For $62,500 I darn well hope he would be in attendance! I would also hope representatives from every union representing USD 489 would be in attendance to protest this issue.

  • Uncle Thomas

    I would tell you how all this transpired, but then everyone would call me a know it all. I believe I mentioned the hiring of a consultant within the past week or so.

  • Uncle Thomas

    How many times will the contract be renewed?
    Why would a competent, qualified, educated superintendent making $125,000 – $175,000 per year not be capable of making his own plan. Couldn’t this money be used to recruit and relocate a highly qualified replacement.

  • Uncle Thomas

    Oh Lord they have me fired up on this one!

  • Uncle Thomas

    The district talks nutrition and then there is consideration for #13 a soda proposal to see if coke or pepsi can buy the rights to sell soda to high school students?
    Insurance from a company who use to employee a board member or perhaps he was even a partner with the insurance company! Wouldn’t this have been a conflict of interest? Now we find out there has never been a safety policy with the district! Oh my what a total lack of mismanagement!

  • http://hayspost RD

    School board member works in an office with a man who is the attorney for the city and they want to hire a former city manager…smells like a conflict of interest to me.

    • Uncle Thomas

      You got it! Ol case of scratching backs…if the rest of the school board lets this one fly we have some serious issues with the BOE!

  • HarpoMarks

    Hey wait a minute here!!! Our tax dollars are going to pay a man that the City got rid of? He is going to finds us a new Superintendent? Potentially he could make $62,500. You know he has it in his mind to stick it to us for the whole 500 hours. Let’s wake up here folks. That money could be used for something well needed and not to fill the pocket of this crook.We don’t need a “gun-slinger” look alike from the Old West. Wake up School Board members! Have you forgotten how you got into office? You can be removed the same way!

  • Blind r

    If one would allow the current admin to stay on to consult, there would be better value. BOE does it again!

  • BB

    The Board better vote this one down. Randy spend enough money when he was city manager. We need a change but for the better. He is not worth that kind of money.

  • Kansas Native

    Hey BOE, Can you say “R E C A L L”? If you pay this thug to make recommendations about something he knows nothing about, you better get ready for real issues for your tenure.
    “The number of signatures required is not less that 40% of the total votes cast for all candidates for the office of the local officer sought to be recalled at the last general election for
    the current term of office of the local officer to be recalled, divided by the number of people elected.” 800 signatures is a given.

  • Uncle Thomas

    Since when does someone who is thinking about going to work for someone contract or otherwise make a public announcement!

  • Uncle Thomas

    This is the brainchild of the BOE President…the rest will follow like cattle!
    Please tell me where the R E C A L L sign up form will be located and I will be the first in line!

    • Teacher

      No Uncle T. You will be line behind me! I am ready to recall this BOE.


    Some of you people need to get all your facts! Mr. Gustafson retired from the city and speaking as a city employee he was an outstanding city manager. Why do you think the city has such good reserves set up? If the actions Mr. Gustafson took weren’t in place things would not be in good shape. Perhaps the school board is looking for outside opinions and suggestions to make things better. As a parent I believe this would be beneficial. There are too many people focused on their benefits verses the benefits of the students. Pulling someone in from the outside may help those people make better and sound decisions based on the good of all not just themselves!!!!

    • backhoe

      Bwaaaahaaaahaaaahaaaaahaaaa! OUTSTANDING? Bwaaaaahaaaahaaaaahaaaaa!

    • http://ea ?

      I guess you do not get benefits or KPERS,
      Health insurance.
      Guess it would not bother you if you lost or loose part of them.

    • Uncle Thomas

      For one I don’t believe the former city manager is a recognized consultant in any area! Whether it be municipal government, education, private business, etc., etc. I believe he is a friend of a friends and that may be it.
      Since when does USD 489 not take bids or review more then one consulting firm for a project this size? With contract hours and per diem this could be an $80,000 item.

    • Really, Seriously

      The city does have good reserves, which is all good and well. But to say this gentleman is an “outsider” is a bit of a misnomer. The agenda item is so poorly and vaguely written, simply re-bidding the cost of copier paper would likely satisfy “establishing processes that would improve and enhance the efficiency and innovation.” Whatever that means.

      The district has serious financial challenges. If we’re cutting or not backfilling FTE classroom positions while paying a consultant the annual salary equivalent (plus expenses!) of $135,000/yr for ill-defined ‘efficiency’ recommendations, then something is very, very wrong and this BOE is not exercising the due diligence for which they were elected.

  • Too_much_corporate_ power

    Because of course the way to make a system better is to bring in someone with no experience in that field. Especially education, because anyone who’s ever been in school is surely qualified to advise the school board in these matters.

    If you’re okay with blindly wasting our tax $$ like this , then you should trust your plumber to do your open-heart surgery. Board members, do your damn job! Your powermongering got you into this pickle, stop making taxpayers fund your way out of it!

  • Uncle Thomas

    I would suggest representatives from every union representing USD 489 would be in attendance to protest this issue.

  • http://hayspost taco paco

    its not hard to figure out folks. Schwartz is bringing in Randy boy to do to the school district what he done for the city. Which is get the salaries down by getting rid of the older, established higher paying employees and replacing them with new, younger smaller pay employees. then also rip into the perks these employees get, especially the health insurance programs, by telling them higher deductibles and more out-of-pocket expense. and finally get after those unions by playing hard ball with them. but the city fire, police and service dept. unions are weak anyway and they ended up caving in to randy’s wishes. don’t know how strong the teacher’s union is but randy will play hard ball. so that is my two cents worth.

  • GHJ

    Folks nothing will get done unless you call or e-mail board members, no offense to Hays Post but posting hear won’t solve the problem completely.

  • GHJ


    Vice President: Darren Schumacher (

    Lance Bickle (

    James Leiker (

    Marty Patterson (

    Danielle Robben (

    Josh Waddell (

  • http://hayspost taco paco

    To GHJ:
    nice gesture in suggesting people email school board members but its fruitless. this is a done deal. Schwartz is in charge and the rest of the board, except Patterson, will fall in line and follow his orders. Schwartz will move in Gustafson and the fat lady sings. Teacher’s union–get ready. Randy is coming.

  • No $

    I would only pay him if he improves efficiency above and beyond the $62,500 he wants, that’s the only way it would be worth it!!!!

  • uncle thomas

    GHJ of course communication with elected officials is idealistic. Realistically though you are speaking to those in the district that are concerned for their livelihood if they speak up…retaliation. The perception is we have bullies on the board and what could happen if I voice my opinion.
    After watching the broadcast of the BOE meeting we have those that are already starting to back pedal! Think about it we have a consultant asking $125/hour to talk to employees and then formulate a report of what the employees tell him. That is what was said at the BOE meeting. We could probably hirer a fifth grader and offer him a snowball for the report. I agree with seeking assistance through consultants, BUT I believe the district could receive a much higher bang for the buck if they choose the correct consultant.

  • too much corporate power

    Here’s a place to vent that won’t disappear:

  • Retired

    This is all so comical to read. Gustafson is qualified to examine the areas he’s being asked to examine. Will he advise prosperous improvements…we shall see? The boe, in my opinion, is trying to improve the district finances through efficiency. What’s wrong with this attempt? If it backfires then we can throw stones but lets idle back until we have the end result. Teachers should appreciate this move as it will most benefit the students and themselves.
    If Schwartz is such a bully and is running the show, then why did Waddell stand up to him on the contract issues…he even argued a little? That’s a new boe member, who also seems a little frustrated (watching him last night) with some failings by admin to protect our tax dollars. Yet, numerous people would prefer Roth and Cain to perform the efficiency modeling, well they had their time to do it and I can’t see where they made the district better financially. I read posts about Patterson being the only stand up board member and I don’t understand that rationale. What has he done? I’m not sold on Schwartz completely but I’m no

  • nunyer

    So Gustafson’s run a school district before? No?

    Then he must have lots of expertise in the intricacies of school finance. Oh, he doesn’t?

    Well then he must be an expert in getting labor/management to work together. Wait, the city workers hated him during his reign?

    Is he a CPA? Nope. Does he have any industry certification as an efficiency expert? Nope again.

    The BOE could have set up an anonymous online survey for taxpayers so we could submit our own ideas for efficiency. They could have polled district employees for their opinions on what should stay and what should go.

    If they’re gonna spend tax money on a ‘consultant’ they should at least find someone who’s qualified, experienced in this field and who isn’t going to charge so much.

  • Uncle Thomas

    USD 489 BOE this will be submitted for a DARWIN AWARD!

  • nunyer

    This headline is way off base. BOE President Greg Schwartz approached Gustafson about this in late April/early May. Gustafson responded in a May 7 letter that emphasized his lack of relevant experience with schools or consulting work.

    It almost sounds like Schwartz already knows who he wants as superintendent so he’s adjusting the selection process to make sure it happens according to The Gospel of Greg.