New Study: One-third of Ellis County Adults Obese

One third of the residents in Northwest Kansas are obese according to a new study. The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation found that well over 33% of ObeseNorthwest Kansas men and women are obese. This new study tracks obesity county by county, in Kansas and across the country.

In Ellis County 35.8% of men and 34.1% of women are considered obese. In Trego County 36.2% of men and 35.8% of women were obese.

The state average for men was 35.8 percent, while the women average was 36.1 percent for the entire state.

Wyandotte County’s women had the worst score, with 50.1 percent obesity.

The report also estimates life expectancy on a county-by-county basis. Ellis County women can expect to live 80.8 years, compared with 76.5 years for men. Johnson County men and women had the longest life expectancy.

  • http://sdfsdaf duh

    Is this really news? Hays Kansas is kinda chubby, who knew?!?!?!? Why do you think Golden Corral is always so busy. When the number of bars match the number of sit down restaurants, yooooou might live in hays Kansas.

  • derp

    probably half the fat fcks that post on here talking sht

    • http://sdfsdaf duh

      ironic how your posting….

  • Ruserious

    Huh. Johnson co. Kansas highest life expectancy. Go figure. It’s where all the fat cat, pocket lined republicans hail from. Probably using the obamacare dollars they refused to give to the poorest of Kansans to prolong their lives.

  • Good Thing

    Its a good thing we have a new EMS building for all the overweight people…..hope they make the new jail cells big enough!

  • chris

    no surprise, lets see how many fast food/other restaurants do we have, how many bars do we have, how many beerfests do we have. plus for most of us that work it seems like the perfect days to get out and do something is during our working days/ shifts. and when we do get a day off it is too cruddy out to get out of the house.

    • Ruserious

      We don’t have near enough beer fests. Just saying.

  • What do you expect?

    Lets not forget that it is the people who perpetuate the problem. Golden Corral is still in business because Hays still supports it. I have lived is several places and Hays does not cater at all to a healthy, physical lifestyle. There also doesn’t seem to be much interest in it from the residents either, so I guess people are happy with the spare tires and extra chins. People just need to get off the couch and start moving and lay off the multiple pizza eateries.

    1st World Problems.