Good news on Vine Street Construction

The challenge of driving Vine Street is over. Construction was finished a couple of days early. It had been scheduled for completion on July 15.Vine construction

The new stripes are in place on the streets and the barriers are being taken down.

The work on the $1,049,000 reconstruction of Vine Street  from 22nd to 13th Street started on April 3.

  • japherd


  • Hmmmmmm

    Now the people of Hays can make LEGAL left turns now. Seems to me our public needs to be educated on how to read traffic signs. I think when they saw the left turn sign with the diagonal line through it, they thought it meant to turn left NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!Grow up citizens of Hays.

  • Uncle Thomas

    We must include in the citizens of Hays our very own police officers. Don’t know how many times I have witnessed an officer turn left out of Walgreens north exit to cross two yellow lines. One was following the other then they both pulled up to the stop light at 27th & Vine westbound….yet they will ticket someone in that area for crossing the double yellow.

    • BB

      UT Show me a sign at Walgreens that says you can not turn left from the north exit. I do it all the time. Am I missing this sign?

  • BB

    Glad to see that it is finish. Looks nice. Now people won’t be driving into wet cement. There was a lot of illegal Left Turns some got caught and some didn’t. Could not believe the people that did not know how to drive though construction.

  • hmmm

    I don’t think there is a no left sign on the north entrance of Walgreens, but is is still illegal to go all the way across to the north lane.


    • BB

      People do it all the time I do it all the time because I need to take W 27th. I have never seen a cop pull someone over for that.

      • boston terrier

        read your drivers hand book, your on a computer look it up,

        • Chris