Water Violations on the Increase

In the first week of July, the Hays Police Department has already had more water violations than the entire month of June. Since the watering restrictions went into water_restrictions-400x300effect on June 1, there have been 69 water violations and 36 of those so far this month, according to the Hays Police Department Daily Activity Report.

Assistant Chief of Police Brian Dawson told Hays Post that residents have done a good job reporting water violations, “We encourage the public to contact police dispatch at (785) 625-1011 if they see someone watering between the hours of noon-7 or any water waste. Just tell dispatch that you think you’ve observed a water violation. We have officers out patrolling and they will go check it out.”

Restrictions on watering continue until September 30.  A first time offense is a warning. Second offense is $50. Third time is $200. Fourth is $250. A fifth time offense and up will cost $300.

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  • Stockman

    Does this include the city’s grass too?

    • Just thinking

      Lot of that water is waste water from the sew plant. You don’t want to drink that.

    • Uncle Thomas

      If it is waste water doesn’t the are require signage? I believe the public golf course has signs notify of such.

  • boston terrier

    my wife and I go garage sailing every saturday morning, and we count at least 10 water violators watering at 11:30 in the morning sometimes past noon, oh but its usually up on thunderbird, oakmont, barclay, you know the high end housing, but as we all know they are above the law so nothing is done

    • remember

      have you called the violations in – or just crying about it ‘boston terrier’? call them in

      • boston terrier

        well i would if 1. i had a cell phone because my land line wont reach that far and 2. if we were not on bicycles and 3. what good would it do, if you cant read these people are above the law

      • Uncle Thomas

        When you do call in the dispatches protocol is to ask the caller a hundred questions. As if you are calling in a homicide and you are the guilty party. I once called in on an dog running loose and the owner who I did not know approached me because they where told who called in.
        Yes there are folks in society which are exempt from laws. If I drive my four wheeler to the end of the block and back I will be cited. In the northwest area of town they can drive golf carts on public streets…even after the infamous “19th Hole”.

        • boston terrier

          we both agree that these people are above the law. we really should flood dispatch with legitimate water violators just to see what would happen. but we both know that NOT A D@&N THING WOULD HAPPEN. and to you REMEMBER, what are you going to do when you are forced to limit your showers because hays is out of water, why don’t you ask the fine folks in Munjor how it feels to be without water. they have to limit their water usage a lot

          • remember

            I think there should be NO outside watering whatsoever, and the $$$ fines should be higher and begin immediately on the first offense. If you are out going to garage sales on your bike, pedal down to the police station and report violators. It is a way we can all stop the waste of water! Take action and quit crying!

        • G I Joe

          I love Uncle Thomas. Your comments are THE best

    • Frank

      The restricted hours are between noon and 7pm.

      • boston terrier

        your lawn looks nice and green, Frank

        • Frank

          Why thank you for noticing! That’s because it consists of Buffalo and Bermuda, and Mother Nature gives it all the nourishment it needs :)

  • Uncle Thomas

    What a farce… we wont cite unless a citizen makes a complaint. Is this the cities proactive stance on water violations? I could phone in two dozen in a 24 hour period.
    The city commission has turned their heads on this one. REMEBER THESE ARE ELECTED OFFICIALS!

    • Frank

      If they want people to take it seriously, there should be no warning, and the fines should be increased to $500 for 1st and 2nd time violators. A warning then $50 fine is NOT a deterrent!

  • Informed Citizen

    Where did the HPD say they wont cite without a complaint.

    • Uncle Thomas


  • Informed Citizen

    And just because you “think” they are above the law does not mean they are. If you call them in it will get checked out and a citation or warning will be issued.

    • Uncle Thomas

      BULL…the mornings, evenings and weekend neighborhood traffic around the club are active with unregistered golf cart traffic. Officers patrol the area why can they not take action?

  • Parched

    A house in my neighborhood has the greenest, lushest grass you will ever see, and it gets watered every single day. I’m told by another neighbor that they do not have a well – they are on city water. They also like to run the sprinklers in the backyard at 5pm – the hottest, windiest part of the day, but they have a high privacy fence, so you can’t see that from the street. I would love to call them in, but I am afraid they have a friend or relative at Hays PD who would tell them I called. Yes, when you call in, the Hays PD will ask for your name, phone number, etc., but all you have to tell them is that you are a concerned citizen and leave it at that. Of course, they do have caller-id.

    • we need some rain!

      If you are afraid that the HPD will rat you out, send them a note in the mail with the violators address on it. Please take action and report these violations. Until there is an absolute outside watering ban, this is what we will all have to do as concerned citizens to stop the waste of water!

      • Uncle Thomas

        Why do we have to form citizen patrols and hit the streets. We pay taxes for city ordinance enforcement. The animal control unit could call in, city workers with radios in vehicles could call in, the fire department drives around town they could call in, how many officers have time to enforce speeding?…water is just as important.

        • Ruserious

          Water is more important! Don’t know about u but I need it to live.

    • Rob

      Give me their name and address i will call them in

  • Try Conserving First Hays!

    If you’re concerned about your name being on day sheet, just say you wish to remain anonymous when you call in. It’s as simple as that.

    • Uncle Thomas

      don’t they have caller id at dispatch if they seriously needed to know who you are…

      • http://sdfsdaf im aunt thomas

        Are you really that dumb? dispatch has better things to do then actually care who calls them in for a water violation. Call it in anonymous and leave it at that, they aren’t going to right down your number and give a crap who calls, its not a murder.

        • boston terrier

          how long have you lived in hays? im guessing not too long, ive been here 37 years and it has always been the same, the elite get away with “murder” and the “renters” get the shaft and this has nothing to do with a landlord, its a nice name for the less fortunate, *disclaimer* in no way am i looking down on people who rent.

  • Uncle Thomas

    If water is a serious issue and the city is serious about conservation there would be no outside watering, the penalties would be double or triple what they are right now and enforcement would be a priority…it is not!
    The city commission has failed the citizens of Hays on protecting our water.

    • Dirty Bird

      In case you forgot, a lot of the “our water” you are referring to, came from Cedar Bluff. So as citizens in Trego County, Hays needs to do a better job of protecting OUR water.

      • http://hayspost Daniel Plainview

        I drink your milkshake. I drink it alllllll up.

  • Uncle Thomas

    If the officers and city staff do not have time for enforcing the water ordinances then let there be a mandated quota system for them to receive a paycheck and I guarantee every city worker paid with tax dollars would locate enough violators to pay their wages each week….all about priorities and the city staff has not been given direction by the commission…notta will happen!

  • Uncle Thomas


  • Henry

    The HPD is not citing all of these residences based on complaints; most are done by officers who see them. If you do not want to turn one of the offenders in, then email the address to a city commissioner and he will do it for you.

    Also, city commissioners know that some of the biggest water wasters live in the NW section of Hays. These people are *not* exempt or above the law and we want to stop them, too. So, turn them in.

    • Uncle Thomas

      Whatever…when was the last time you drove around the city turning in violators?

    • Frank

      Why don’t you pass a penalty structure with some actual teeth? People and businesses w deep pockets scoff at these miniscule fines. Perhaps a few arrests and some public humility will cause people to think twice.

  • http://sdfsdaf Uncle Thomas’s “Special Friend”

    yea, turn them in guys. Come on you silly gooses.

    • Uncle Si

      Just thop it guys

  • Frank

    But HPD will not hesitate to hunt a person down, haul them down to the station, book them, photograph them, and post their mug on HaysPost for an FTA warrant on a $10 seatbelt ticket! If they have time and resources to do that crap, then it’s no wonder they aren’t doing a better job patrolling for water violations. But apparently it’s more important to keep these hardened seatbelt thugs off our streets than to protect our water supply.

  • Beth

    Uncle Thomas cracks me up. His homophobic comment is so 1969.

  • HP

    The newly built Commerce Bank did receive a violation last week. I am happy to report that watering was done today by some poor sap standing with a hose and not automatic, wasteful sprinklers. Thanks for fixing your boo-boo. (:

  • Higher Fines

    In this day and age, no one who uses a telephone or computer is truly anonymous – unless you are a computer hacker – so someone at HPD knows who ratted on their neighbor.

    You can’t write in a complaint, the HPD has to catch the water waster in the act.
    I’ve heard that all city employees are to report violators if seen during the course of their work day (eg, trash haulers, meter readers). If not, they certainly should be !

    Are there still signs in the local hotel rooms kindly asking visitors to go easy on the water usage (shower time) ? Again, if not, there should be.

    The Hays City Manager was quoted in the Hays Daily on July 5th, saying that the water situation isn’t that bad.
    In this case, why can’t he be like other government officials and lie to the public ?
    When people hear we are okay on water (for now), they run out and turn on their sprnklers, bring in more fescue sod, and install swimming pools. He should be sounding the alarm and turning off the spigot for the green green lawns.
    Those people are downright shortsighted and selfish, and most have deep pockets and will simply pay the higher rate or the fines.

    City leaders should ban or limit the amount of cool-season grass that is allowed per property.
    Some local businesses – one bank in particular – have acres of green fescue.
    They will no longer get sales or revenue from me or my family.

    Why doesn’t the local media publish a list of the biggest residential water users (wasters) ?
    Isn’t this public knowledge ?
    Maybe we can shame them into conservation ?

    “Self-government won’t work without self-discipline” – Paul Harvey, 1978

    • Uncle Thomas

      So if on July 5th or thereabouts the city manager states the water issue is not that critical? I could swear someone on the commission or city hall stated we had like a four month supply remaining. Which is it?

  • Here’s a thought

    We all need to pitch in & watch our water usage.
    However, I don’t like the mentality in America about ratting your neighbor out.
    Take care of yourself. & let the authorities handle enforcement issues. That’s their job, let them earn their $$.

    • boston terrier

      thats a good one, maybe you should do two shows nightly, because you are one funny person

  • http://hayspost Confused?

    Uncle Thomas it sure looks like the amount of time you spend posting absoulte nonsense you could spend the time reporting all these issues to speak so highly of on a EVERYDAY basis.

    • Uncle Thomas

      My issue is we pay individuals to do this job. We elect officials to handle these issues. Yes I have an issue with water being wasted when the community is told we have a four month supply remaining…that CONFUSED is a very serious issue!

      If the city would like to pay me to cite water violators, I am ready.

      • boston terrier

        im right there with you mr. UT

    • http://sdfsdaf Uncle Thomas’s “Special Friend”

      Hes got way too much going on. super super busy… Obviously he has a fabulously super job which is very demanding and high end official business.


  • Blackie Kuhn

    I noticed the rain train sprinkler going at 2 PM at the Edward Jones place on East 27th today. If that isn’t a flagrant violation then what is?

    • Seibel

      Please know that was not the Edward Jones office — it was Lifetime Dental, who has a city permit to water the new sod that they put down.

      • Uncle Thomas

        Please no that several mornings per week when I drive by the Edward Jones office the sprinklers are watering the sidewalks and street. Don’t believe me the next time I spot it I will call in a complaint! Lets not point fingers at the neighbors.

      • Uncle Thomas

        Let me guess this is the dentist that wanted the city to feel warm and fuzzy about him a few years ago? He wanted everyone to submit ideas and he was going to change Hays!

      • Uncle Thomas


  • Uncle Thomas

    Okay…new thought for the day! If an election for the city commission was 30 days from this date and all seats were open…how would our commissioners be acting right now about the water issue.

  • Time for a solution

    The city has seized, through taxes, over $ 20 million to address the water scarcity issue in Hays. The city has been “planning” for 20 years. Now, instead of fixing the problem, we are all encouraged to actively report our neighbors — brown shirts for everyone. I want my share of the $ 20 million back if the city can’t find a solution!

    • Uncle Thomas

      I am telling you with the wimps on the city commission we need the new school board to change seats with them. Have you ever watched a city commission meeting? I become dizzy and nauseous from those bobble heads.

  • Mama

    Does anyone know if this 7 a.m to whenever restriction is for Munjor also? I live in Munjor and my neighbors water whenever they feel like it.

  • http://hayspost munjor person

    I thought we had a outside watering ban in munjor . But If your name is Pfannenstil you are not included in this ban . My neighbor on moscow has a very big green garden and waters all the time. the one by the bar had a tractor running the day at 6:00 pm . same last name

  • Uncle Thomas

    I believe the landscaper on the 22nd and Vine bank is a client of and/or a friend of the city attorneys…this would be the landscaper who did a less then adequate job on some soccer fields in the south part of Hays yet still received city jobs…hmmm!
    When living in a small town I believe there to be conflicts of interest everywhere. We don’t know who knows what commissioner etc.

  • Uncle Thomas

    Didn’t the City of Hays once have a slogan “if it is brown flush it down, if it is yellow let it mellow”? I could swear that was a water conservation slogan at one time.