Hays Police Department Arrest Log 7/04/2013 to 7/07/2013


All persons included in this post are innocent of crimes until proven guilty in a court of law.

Ryan John Avery
Address: Tyronza Pointsett, AR
Age: 36
Charges: 21-6203(a)(3) Disorderly conduct; Fighting words or noisy conduct to cause resentment

Emilio Mitchell Jr.

Address: Hays
Age: 19
Charges: 41-727 Liquor; Purchase/consumption alcoholic liquor/CMB by minor

Audra Claire Romey
Address: Hays
Age: 19
Charges: 41-727 Liquor; Purchase/consumption alcoholic liquor/CMB by minor


This information is not criminal history. All individuals included in this post are innocent of crimes until proven guilty in a court of law. The Hays Post assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, or completeness, of this information. Any person who believes information provided is not accurate may submit a complaint to admin@hayspost.com.

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  • http://sdfsdaf Haha

    Not smiling this time Daniel? Not so funny not having a future huh?

  • hmmm??


  • http://hayspost Just a guy

    I sure hope the judge takes into consideration that Daniel Braun-Moss is a slow learner. This is his second time to be featured in a couple of weeks. Also, go ahead and keep Chase Zimmerman in there for a while by his picture he appears to be enjoying himself.

    • hays sucks

      Slow learner.?? Give me a break. ..

  • http://hayspost R Dub

    What’s up with all these sizzlechests getting arrested for fighting, brawling, battery, or resisting arrest? Not one of them looks like they could fight their way out of a wet paper bag.

    • Uncle Thomas

      They all have had too much liquid courage!

  • chris

    click on that Kirk James Degenhardt picture, looks as if he passed out in the wrong company and got magic marker used on him lol

    • Uncle Thomas

      That is not right! You drink too much, then your friends play tic tac toe on your forehead, then you come to pissed and ready to fight…arrested (or should it be priceless)!

    • GHJ

      haha priceless

  • smoke

    Taylor and jonathan are identicle twins?

    • chris

      mommy must lay out the clothes for them

  • LOL!!!!

    Funniest pictures yet on here!!!!

  • woooow

    43 and still. Getting your face drawn on

  • Hays resident

    Best. Mug. Shot. Ever. Bahahaha
    Nothing like a good ol sharpie face drawing!

  • hmmm

    Daniel Braun on here again. That’s 2 weeks in a row, seems to be a start of a pattern.


  • Sad

    Bad week to be a Drummond

  • 785996

    Those Knoll kids are all TROUBLE

  • just curious

    Is there a connection between Drummond being arrested and Drummond gil that was killed in that accident. Sad, sad deal. A baby lost his momma.

    • boston terrier

      yea it was his sister

    • HP

      The arrest log time frame is well before the accident. I’d say leave them alone and let them grieve. this is totally unrelated.

  • Uncle Thomas

    I vote we let them all go free! The tax payers pay for law enforcement, pay for there room and meals when they are locked up, we fund the district attorneys office, we probably fund the court appointed attorneys…in the end they plea. Who is making all the money? The system is really broke!
    My suggestion would be to put them in orange suits and make them walk the streets and call in water violators.

  • just curious

    Wasn’t trying to show any disrespect towards their family a more lost is a tragedy. May she rest in peace.

  • kirkhater

    Haha. About time u drunk. Go pass out on someones wife or girlfriend. Flamer!

  • Figures

    Ahhh, Chase Zimmerman…Sooooo glad they let you plea bargain your felony down to a misdemeanor so that you could use the money you owe to those you steal from and spend it on drugs…thank you for that EL county attorney.

    • Law 101

      Get a lawyer Chase. This sounds like slander.

      • passin threw

        hahahaha i’m guessin chase already has a lawyer

  • GARY

    you think these 50 year olds would learn not to get into trouble i’m in my mid 50′s and i am too damn old to do stupid stuff like that

  • Ann

    This site is b.s. A small disclaimer does not make posting mug shots of possibly innocent people okay. I am not an eagle customer, and now will never be, nor will I recommend Eagle to anyone, for being such a sell out. This is the last thing a small knit community needs and it’s certainly not fair to damage someone’s good reputation, especially if they’re not convicted of such crimes. Innocent until proven guilty apparently doesn’t save anyone from having to wear the scarlet letter anymore, and that’s really sad.

    • cab

      I agree 100% with you Ann… Eagle Communications has lost me as a customer, and I hope others will follow suite… No one deserves to be put into a position like this… And all you people that are quick to judge, take a good look at yourselves… Im sure at one time or another you’ve been in the same situation as these people have been…

      • boston terrier

        you poor babies crack me up, i want to know who these people are just in case i run into them in public, my guess one or more of these are your kids

      • Agree

        Agreed. Lost my respect as well. Profiting over cyber bullying, which is what this section has become, is not OK. I’m glad to see others saying what I feel too. Because of where I work at, we have had many discussions about this page. And I can tell you bad publicity is not always good. We are not going to advertise with Eagle anymore. Yes I look at this page. It’s like looking at train wreck. If Eagle is fine with that then OK but trust me it does not mean you are making money.

        • http://hayspost Disagree

          We talk about this site at my work as well…and we laaaaaugh!

    • http://hayspost Arthur Doyle

      I completely disagree Ann & cab. Many of the people on here are repeat offenders whom I have little patience and no sympathy for. Others clearly think this is some kind of joke based upon their smirks and smiles in their mug pictures. As for the innocent that you feel have been slighted their good name will be exonerated in a relatively short amount of time given they are of solid character. You have every right to your opinion I just don’t happen to subscribe to it. Good day.

      • boston terrier

        and you probably think that there should be no death penalty too.

        • http://hayspost Arthur Doyle

          I am unsure of how you came to that conclusion based upon my post, however I will attempt to dissuade you of your misconception. I believe the death penalty needs a revamping of the appeals process so that it is not so expensive and time consuming to extradite the sentence in cases where there is no question of guilt. Examples I would use would be the Carr brothers or Richard Ramirez. In theory the death penalty is sound the implementation process has been hijacked and dilluted by attorneys and wackadoo candlelight vigils for the perpetrators.

    • Uncle Thomas

      That is it EAGLE! If Ann & Cab go, I am gone to!

  • lostinhays

    Ellis county attorney office is pondwater giving pleas

  • Here’s a thought

    Really Tom? Promise?

    • Uncle Thomas

      Nah…Ann & Cab can go fly a kite today and have a heatstroke for all I care!

  • Just Fine

    I think this website might be contributing to people thinking twice before commiting a crime. I know I don’t want my picture on here, not that it wouldn’t have been in my younger days. I hope for some this kind of embarassment is enough to make them learn a little lesson. I think what some of you are saying is true about it being unfair. But this is all public record. I remember when the phrase “well so and so was in the paper again” was just as damning. This is just a modern update of being “in the paper.” Most of these people more than likely pay fines and move on. Hopefully the younger ones use it to shape up and not for bragging rights. I know I would have. One must also realize the amount of people who look at these pictures and don’t post irrational slanderous comments. Many good conversations come from this as well.