Dog Quarantined following Tuesday incident

Hays Police have put a dog in quarantine following an incident on Tuesday evening.police

According to Lt. Ron Rounkles, “As the result of a jogger being bitten by a dog in the 3200 Block of Country Lane, the dog’s owners were identified and the dog is being temporarily quarantined.

The jogger sustained a minor injury.”

State law requires a 10-day quarantine for animal bites.

“The pet can be kept at home, if secured and not allowed to be around other animals or people,” Rounkles explained.  “A pet can also be kept at a veterinary clinic, which has occurred but can become costly for the pet owner. If our Animal Control Officers are not convinced that a pet can be adequately secured at an owner’s residence, we error on the side of caution and require that the pet remain at a vet for the 10 day quarantine.

During these 10 days the pet is observed for signs of rabies (that might prompt medical attention for a bite victim). At the end of the 10-day quarantine, a pet can be returned to its normal lifestyle. While it is easier for us to make sure a pet is being properly observed if quarantined at a vet, our Animal Control Officers are extremely vigilant on 10-day home quarantines and check on the pets throughout this period.

The alternative to the 10-day quarantine is for the pet to be euthanized and sent to a lab for analysis for rabies. This is very rare occurrence, as the pet owners and we prefer to quarantine pets, if possible.”

  • Afama

    Wow. Big news. You spelled the guy’s name wrong. Again.

    • hays

      whose name is spelled wrong?

  • Delilah

    If it was a pitbull I am sure they would include that in the report but any other breed doesn’t seem to make the news. So what kind of dog was it?

    • Guie Le’Deuche

      Mississippi Leg Hound

  • Just Fine

    I’m fine with this being “big news.” I would rather a jogger get a “minor injury” from a dog bite than a more major crime. As long as this is the news, we live in a comfortable city. If you want more than that there are plenty of places with worse.

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    Uncle Thomas hasn’t chimed in yet???

    • Uncle Thomas


      • http://sdfsdaf dog bite

        There he is..

  • ellis-ite

    Glad to see Hays impounds dogs for biting. A smaller surrounding town lets them be shot by the owner when the dog bites a child.