USD 489 Board President on Retirements and Plans for new Leadership

On July 1, Greg Schwartz was elected by fellow board members to serve as president of the USD 489 board of directors. Since then, two members of USD 489

USD 489 President Greg Schwartz

USD 489 School Board President Greg Schwartz

Administration have announced their retirement. Superintendent Will Roth will leave on October 1, and Deputy Superintendent Richard Cain will be leaving September 1.

Schwartz told Hays Post today, “As for Dr. Roth, the board in fact did ask for him to move up his retirement date and he did that. I cannot go into any details as far as why that happened or the timeline of that.

As to Richard Cain, the board had no involvement in that. I received a call from Will Roth at 11:30 a.m. (Tuesday). He advised that he had received Richard Cain’s letter of resignation. He inquired as to whether, as board president, I wanted this added to the agenda next week or announce it at a later date. I advised that we needed to go ahead and put it on the agenda as we do anything else.

In my discussion with him (Roth), he indicated that Mr. Cain had been contemplating this for 3 or 4 months. That was the only thing, I had not seen his letter of resignation. I do understand that there is a letter but I have not seen it at this time.”

Are there other USD 489 administrators who will also be announcing retirement plans?

“There are no plans that I’m aware of or any others going to resign or has the board asked for any other resignations.”

What is the next step for the School Board and the District going forward?

“Well, we’re going to have to look at filling those positions. My understanding is that the board is going to look at interviewing and exploring the option of a search firm to assist in finding  the full time replacement of the superintendent.

I sent a request to Will today requesting that that this item be placed on the work session a week from Monday (July 22) and to provide me the information of the names we had considered previously when we replaced Fred Kaufman.

At that time we explored the option of using an outside firm. There were three of them. One was the Kansas Association of School Boards (KASB.) I want to contact them to get some information on what our options are. I have spoken to KASB about assisting in finding an interim Superintendent. I will be presenting that information to the board at a later date.

I assume the board will discuss at Monday’s meeting the Richard Cain resignation and how the board wishes to go forward in filling or handling that position.

On the timeline to fill the Interim Superintendent’s position.

We don’t have any timeline but personally I hope we do it sooner rather than later. What KASB does is they have a pool of resumes and they are going to search those and find those that they think meet our needs. We can explore all of our options in and outside the district and then decide which way we want to go.

  • hays

    good job, hayspost. wish they would open up on why they asked roth to move up his retirement date. the board members were elected by a trusted public, so why not make their motives and intentions public?

    • yeeeeeah

      Very well said! That should be public information! It seems it would be a good move by Mr. Schwartz to do so from a PR standpoint. The gentleman is losing some respect from certain crowds and encouraging many rumors around town about Dr. Roth. I have absolutely no connection to the school and have heard some absolutely ridiculous things about the two of them while I was out eating last night.

    • Frank

      Schwartz is a lawyer, what do you expect?

    • Attorney

      It is time to consolidate the administration of all schools in Ellis County. We no longer need 3 superintendents for Hays, Ellis and Victoria. Make it happen before Topeka forces us to do it

  • Wow

    If for some reason this was done in Executive Session, they are bound by law to not disclose the information. And that being said I hope they are able to hire someone at a much lower cost.

    • hays

      yay for government loopholes and things that are “for our own good”

  • HR

    Will USD 489 have to pay Mr. Roth for the remainder of his contract or until Mr. Roth’s first retirement date? Just wondered since the board asked Mr. Roth to change his retirement date.

  • Uncle Thomas

    The board is making necessary changes. The board will be criticized for the necessary changes. The board president will take the brunt of the criticism. I believe Mr. Schwartz is a big boy with thick skin and can handle the publics scrutiny. Any time a person is criticized it is usually because they are a decision maker and are making things happen. Those watching change typically scrutinize…Kudos to the new school board thus far!
    The superintendent was a poor leader. The deputy superintendent was an arrogant individual who rarely went face to face, but instead would send a messenger. One of those 1950’s style managers with a philosophy…do what I say because I am the boss. If you questioned him or suggested a change he was less than willing to listen. USD 489 deserves change…!
    As for finding a cheaper superintendent…get real. A competent, qualified, experienced super will probably deserved 20% more then Roth made. Yes Roth was over paid by about 50% for what he achieved.
    Next subject…the technology of the district is a farce…replace him and hire expert in the field. The students of 489 deserve to be prepared for the future.
    As for the hiring of a consultant…right contract price…poor poor choice. The man could be a funeral director or a lynch man, possess no people skills. Have you ever spoke to someone and had them do a 360 and walk away? If it came from an individual with a PhD and a history of success…maybe, just maybe could be tolerated. In a school district it is not acceptable.

    • Uncle Thomas

      One more comment…Mr. Schwartz is not a business genius, is not a cruel arrogant snob, all he is doing is a very fundamental business style…”if you want the truth ask why 5 times”.

    • GHJ

      Well you certainly are promoting an agenda aren’t you? I suspect you are a close friend of our board pres. or a former disgruntled employee, your posts however are comical and I encourage you to continue to write, not that anyone takes you serious it’s just the senseless rambling that is laughable.
      As for your comments concerning Mr.Cain, I know Mr.Cain and your comments are simply lies, Mr.Cain has always been a very approachable and ALWAYS willing to listen to employees (you know all of those mistake laden “low level employees”), You call him arrogant ….do you even know him?? You have criticized nearly everyone associated with 489, why ? were your kids not smart enough to go through our outstanding school system? is this the reason for your diatribes?

      • Uncle Thomas

        Have never met Mr. Schwartz.
        Have not worked for USD 489.

        Sharing my personal experience regarding Mr. Cain. I was introduced to him twice. Yes I have seen him smile and chat with those he knows. He was not comfortable out side his comfort zone.
        As for 489…second class at best. Visit other communities unbelievable what can be done with leadership.

  • interesting

    I can about imagine why these two are leaving…together. Good riddance to them both! Roth was only out for one purpose and that was getting rid of Kennedy. Cain has been abusing his “power” for years and needs to go crawl under a rock. As for consolidating Hays, Ellis and Victoria…? Why should we do that!? Three seperate communitites, seperate needs, seperate everything. 489 has enough issues and you want to drag down two more districts!?! Great Idea
    Running a school system should be about nothing else but what is best for our teachers and their students!!! Period! Not athletics only!! The kids are our future and if we want a bright, healthy, smart world we need bright, healthy, smart kids. When the teachers are so miserable they dont even want to work with admin there is a horrible problem! Put the teachers and students needs first before the administrations and things will fall into place!