Tuesday Evening Crash Slows Burger King

It’s business as usual on 13th and Vine near Burger King this morning after a one-vehicle non-injury accident on Tuesday evening about 8p.m.

A GMC Sierra driven by Andrew Leiker, age 23, of Hays hit a light pole. Portions of the pole and other debris from the accident are still on the scene this morning. The Burger King drive through was only closed temporarily.  (Photos courtesy of Harrison Brent)

  • BB

    Must have been texting in stead of watching where he was going.

    • fyi

      uhm ACTUALLY there was a box of trash in the road and he swerved to miss it and over corrected and went over the curb. know before you talk.

      • BB

        Thanks for the comment. I see a lot of drivers texting and driving this is why I said it.

      • inkslinger

        thats still no excuse, why not stop and wait till it is safe to go around, oh but i guess he had to get where he was going in a hurry SMH

      • Frank

        Uhm, no. He was driving too fast and couldn’t make the turn. And was cited for reckless driving.

        • inkslinger

          i hate to smile about an accident, BUT im just glad no one was hurt, except his insurance company. telephone poles are not cheap, your looking at about $3,000 just in the pole, not to mention to reset the lines. that stuff is not free

          • derp

            ya, because insurance companies are there for exactly these reasons. People should pay them their money (as they are forced to do) and then should feel bad about reviving the services they paid for. ya… tell me more… are you an adjuster with a bonus according to how much you fck people over on payouts?

      • Just thinking

        fyi didn’t know what he was talking about. This must have been his friend.

  • countryboy

    Not use to driving on wet pavement. That stuff like being on Ice.

  • http://www.burgerking.com Sammich

    thats what you get for trying to cut in line and get your Whopper before everyone else!

  • nobody


  • derp

    “The Burger King drive through was only closed temporarily.” Really? They ain\t just going to shut that bytch down forever? wtf?

  • passin threw

    you mean bk finally had an excuse for the most gawd awful slow service in hays?

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