USD 489 Board Changes Date for Superintendent’s Retirement

In an email Tuesday to USD 489 school district employees, Superintendent Will Roth made a new announcement about his future.  Roth announced  on June 28 a plan to retire will roth 2on July  1, 2014.  According to the email, the school board has requested he retire 8 months earlier.


To: 489-District Staff
Subject: On Behalf of Will Roth: My Retirement….

Dear USD 489 Staff,

I am writing to let you know that I have resubmitted my retirement letter to the Board effective October 1, 2013. The Board requested an earlier retirement date and the Board and I are working together to develop a plan to make a transition to the new leadership team.

I feel like I have had a great family to go to work with the last 28 years and I know USD 489 will continue to prosper. There will be changes going forward and although change is hard, we all know that it is necessary if we want our students to have an opportunity to excel in the world.

We are getting ready to begin a new school year soon and I want you all to feel that excitement that only we in education experience, that once a year reset and recharge. Whatever changes happen this year, it should have no impact on the outstanding work you do every day whether driving, cleaning, cooking, giving medical attention, office assistance, or teaching. All of you impact students daily and the community is indebted to you.

I wish all of you the best and I will do whatever I can to make the leadership transition positive. If I can help get you get started on the best year ever, please let me know.


Will Roth

  • Wondering

    This is sad. He is an excellent superintendent and will be missed

  • BB

    Way to go push it up.

  • Stockman

    And Mr. Schwartz is pushing people out yet again.The board should not micro manage.

  • hard to understand

    why don’t we have Darren and Greg be the co/superintendents? that’s what they want anyway. Roth was a great leader for our district.

    • woah woah woah

      you dont want that.

  • something there?

    I don’t know about this or not, but it certainly seemed from what was being reported that there might have been some mismanagment with contracts???

    remember too, that this is a board of 7 and it takes at least four members to do anything.

    • Stockman

      Yes and if you watch Greg can sure push people around.

  • http://Super just a taxpayer

    Since Mr Roth took USD 489 taxpayers money for 28 yrs and never paid a dime in property taxes to it. This is wonderful news. Good work, Greg & Darren. Things are now getting done since the new school board is taking over. Hooray for them!!!

    • fishlips

      just a are a fool and cannot back up a word you are saying .fodder as you speak comes from the rear end of a horse. good luck Will and it’s a shame we will lose such a good administrator

  • The buddy system continues

    Just a taxpayer hit that on the head. It isn’t much different than a situation like the middle school principal not even living in town and also sending her kids to a different district than the one that feeds her family. Roth should have lived in Hays Ks and supported the town just like this administrator should have to do. Only in Hays would a district hire people who don’t live in town.

    • Hms

      Ya just like your board president and vice who don’t send THEIR kids to our district

    • yeeeeeah

      Yeah, they should send their kids here, so that you can cry about how their children get preferential treatment because of their parents position at the school! How dare they prepare for the many whiners of small towns like Hays, where nothing is ever good enough. And speaking of that, When the HELL are they going to be done Vine St better. I am so tired of them improving our streets. Now I have to go the little Dillons rather than the big one!

      Also, You should realize how lucky you are that your school district consists of ONE STINKIN’ TOWN! Most places, especially in western Kansas, districts take up three or four towns, there are some school districts in kansas that cover over 45 square miles and probably don’t even know their superintendent.

  • Wondering

    What is the difference between a Middle school principal or our Supertindent living in Hays but yet we have people on our school board that are going to send there kids to Holy Family and then off to TMP???

    • Uncle Si

      The people on the board that send their kids to private school still pay property taxes if they live in Hays, Jack

      • Hms

        Really and our middle school principal pays county taxes, Greg doesn’t pay city taxes he lives outside city boundaries also, get some facts!

        • being nosey

          You need to get your facts straight. He is part owner in a local business within the city limits so therefore he does pay city taxes!

          • GHJ

            He does NOT pay city property tax on his home which funds our schools capitol outlay budget!!! I am not faulting him for that many people live outside of city limits,, so don’t blame the assistant principal for living outside city limits! And isn’t he a partner in Bird’s law firm? or is it the Schwartz law firm?

  • BB

    Hope Greg and Darren keep up there good work. No one needs to be in a position for 28yrs. Way to long. He needs to retire anyway.

    • ReallyBB

      You need to get your information straight BB. He hasn’t been in this position for 28 years.

    • yeeeeeah

      and how long are you planning on working before you retire. Where I come from, holding a job for many years is a good thing.

  • Bullying

    We teach students to report bullying, but we tolerate it with our Board! Wake up, Hays. Don’t let two men with unknown agendas ruin one of the best school districts in Kansas. Take a stand and stop this malicious attack on Educators!!

    • A_T

      I couldn’t have said it better!! That is exactly what they are doing!!

    • The buddy system continues

      one of the best school districts??In what area? The top notch laptops that every kid gets to play video games on or chat on facebook? This town has no new schools and compared to what other towns are doing, we are last in everything. wake up and get out of the city to see what others do have

    • Citizen

      On the contrary, Will Roth retired because he is no longer able to push threw what ever he wants. Hopefully this is the end of the bullying.

      • Hms

        You do realize that will was picked by Greg right?

        • yeeeeeah

          I think the bigger problem is that there seems to be absolutely no respect for any of the administrators in this town no matter what side they are on.

  • something there?

    This is a board of 7. Nothing happens unless at least 4 members agree. It seems to me this BOARD is finally willing to hold people accountable.

  • Blind r

    In the big scheme, it makes no difference. My concern is that someone dedicating their career to Hays should go out on their terms. Those whining about the property tax issue need to get a global perspective as the end result is the same. Quality people do quality jobs regardless. I’m disappointed in the pettiness of the BOD.

  • Kansas

    I am very sad to hear this. Will Roth was an excellent leader and really cared about the kids.

    • Concerned Taxpayer

      I respectfully disagree, Kansas. Anyone who recommends consolidation of elementary and middle schools to the point that children are only numbers does not care about the kids. Hays school district is going down a very dangerous path like larger communities of consolidating elementary and middle schools to save dollars. USD 489’s small elementary schools rivaled, and even far exceeded many other communities. Two middle schools provided the opportunity for the kids to be personally known by the administrators and teachers. It would seem very difficult to get to know 600+ students in a middle school environment. Hays is very fortunate to have a private school system ready to move forward in addressing this very real concern. Mr. Roth may have cared for kids earlier in his career, but that faded away with the more power he garnered. I, for one, am very pleased that we finally have a board that is ready to dive into issues and address them, rather than rubber-stamp administration decisions, as was done in the past.

      • Uncle Si

        That is a fact, Jack

      • Kansas

        I do know that he cares for the kids. I wouldn’t blame budget problems on the district though. Isn’t Brownback making huge budget cuts to education – what else are they to do? Also didn’t the school board approve that?

      • Hms

        Again another individual that doesn’t have the facts! The fact is Schwartz recommended Kennedy be closed a couple years ago and used the as an argument to run Fred Kaufman out of a job, when the issue came up under Will he hung the rest of the board out to dry and turned on everyone and made the public believe (and you) he was completely against the whole idea of closing Kennedy