CANCELLED: Hays NEA/USD 489 Negotiations Wednesday


UPDATE 11:50a.m. From USD 489 Coordinator of Public Information, Elizabeth Jaeger:

The negotiations meeting scheduled for July 10, 4 PM, between the USD 489 Board of Education/Administration and the Hays NEA has been cancelled.  When the meeting is rescheduled, we will notify you.


Contract negotiations between Hays NEA and USD 489 continue Wednesday, July 10.

One major issue– a Hays High School committee recommendation the school return to the block schedule.

USD489 logo whiteTeachers taught five classes and had one 90-minute planning period each day. The 2012-13 contract required HHS teachers to teach six classes. If the current schedule recommendation is approved by the negotiating groups, teachers would continue to teach six classes, but students would have seven classes in the former 90-minute class block schedule.  Teachers would lose one planning period every other day.

The meeting is scheduled for 4 to 6 p.m. in the Miller Room of the Rockwell Administrative Center.


  • too much corporate power

    Was it that the Hays High teachers volunteered to give up half their planning time, or were they ordered to do so by the superintendent?

    • High school teachers husband

      Do you think teachers would WANT to give up plan time! My wife grades papers every night for at least 1-2hours the way it is and only gets twenty minutes for lunch. She goes in at 7:30 and usually doesn’t leave until 4.

      • too much corporate power

        Uh-huh, KSTH, that’s what any reasonable person would suspect. Kudos to your wife for hanging in there!

      • Don’t Forget

        Don’t forget the week off for Thanksgiving, Two weeks at Christmas, a week for springbreak and all summer long off! Plus a couple days of sick leave and vacation. Doesn’t seem so awful compared to my job, but then again I would never want to be a Teacher, it takes a special kind of person to teach this generation of Youth.

        • too much corporate power

          Teacher: 10 hrs/day x 180 days + 5 hrs/weekend during the school year x 36 weekends = 1980 hrs per year, from what teacher friends tell me (doesn’t include time and expense of taking summer classes)

          Non-teacher: 40 hrs/week x 50 weeks/year = 2000 hrs per year

          Yep, that extra 120 hrs/year sure is a huge difference.

          • passin threw

            you’re obviously not a math teacher

  • too much corporate power

    Haw haw haw good catch, passin threw! Yep, good thing I aren’t a math teacher! I’m not gonna blame my own math teachers for that goof though. Lord knows they tried!

  • remember

    I wish I had some planning time at my job.