Ellis County Arrest Log 7/1/2013 to 7/3/2013


All persons included in this post are innocent of crimes until proven guilty in a court of law.


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  • HP

    karma. figure it out.

  • lostinhays

    She looks rough at age 30

    • InBig

      You would still run it in, dont lie

    • hmmmmm

      I just want to know what the heck happend to her head. It looks like she is growing a unicorn horn.

  • recovering addict

    for the input of the lady that is 30, if its anyones business she was in a car accident. and almost killed. this place is such a joke. one day your face may be on here, so hope u don’t look like a unicorn in a photo for ppl to make comments. so sad ppl have to laugh at others expense.

    • Addicted

      Car crash? Was she running from the cops?

    • hmmmmm

      WELL, if she has had such a close brush with death, maybe she should count her blessing and quit breaking the law,and putting herself into positions like this. If what you have said is true, she has had her 2nd chance, SHE NEEDS TO TAKE ADVATAGE OF IT…..


    • Briggs

      How long ago was that car accident? Like 10 years ago. You put your name as recovering addict, well as a recovering addict you know better. You cannot feel sorry for people who don’t want to help themselves. Here you are defending someone that won’t. I personally have not talked to her in about 7 years so I cannot say much about the present, but it was rough back then and I see her with some of the same old people. You want to call this place a joke for someone asking what happened to her head that’s fine, but its also along the lines of a tantrum.

    • inkslinger

      your face WONT be on here if you DONT break the law, these photo are of people that have broken laws, and it is up to the courts to see if they are guilty

    • hays sucks

      Hey junkie..I mean recovering addict..if its such a joke why r u contributing..or should I say enabling.. isn’t that the word you people in “recovery ” use.!!

  • chris

    car crash?Did her meth lab tip over?

  • hmmmmm

    Hey Daniel Braun, most people are not so HAPPY to be in jail.

  • Wow

    She used to be pretty but holy crap the meth finally caught up with her, she looks awful, get some help and get away from that dbag husband of yours!

  • http://sdfsdaf losers

    What? Quin and Cody Coil arn’t senators yet? I would thought they would be running for office next year… They are always such upstanding citizens……

  • Amazed

    I seriously can’t believe some of the statements being made on here…no matter what, this is someone else’s loved one, family member, friend, classmate, someone ya used to know….the person that stops and helps you tomorrow- who knows, just have some respect- and there are some things love just isn’t enough-

    • HP

      Respect is earned, not given. It may not be right to outright bash these people for things totally unrelated to their arrest, but some are reaping what they sow.

  • DJ

    Years later, still, Mr. Holder hasn’t been able to shake his troubled with the law. I’m sure he’s still blaming everyone else. Only when he accepts blame on his actions instead of how it was always someone else who caused him to get caught, etc., will he be able to finally say it’s all behind him.

  • CountyMounty

    Cool stuff!