Deputy Superintendent joins Roth in Retirement from USD 489

USD 489 has confirmed in an email to Hays Post that Deputy Superintendent Richard Cain has announced he is also retiring from the school district. Mr. Cain submitted his

USD 489 Deputy Superintendent Richard Cain

USD 489 Deputy Superintendent Richard Cain

letter to notify the Board of his intent to retire, effective September 1. This is listed in the personnel transactions to be acted upon at the July 15th meeting.

Earlier Tuesday, Superintendent Will Roth sent an email to staff announcing his retirement date  had changed to Oct. 1. The School board requested Roth retire in October. He had recently announced a retirement date of July of 2014.

Roth has been employed by the Hays school district for 28 years, starting as the Felten Middle School principal and then as a deputy superintendent of instruction and curriculum.

He was appointed interim superintendent in September 2010 after Fred Kaufman retired, and then named superintendent two months later.

Hays Post had contacted School District Board President  Greg Schwartz when Roth made his original announcement and about today’s news. However, he has not returned a call and did not immediately responded to an email.


  • http://ea ?

    Well this great.
    All we need is some of the school board to run for the City Commission.
    Maybe we can get some new blood and less costly people to do some of the work.
    May be a new city attorney.
    What do you think?

    • Like That

      Good ideal We should have clean house long time ago. Lets just hope the city is next.

  • Who’s next on the hit list?

    Who’s next?

    • Uncle Thomas

      I would tell you who is typically next or who should be next, but it would be cruel and unusual for that person and we all know I have a heart.

  • Uncle Thomas

    …and next they will name an interim business consultant/leader until a new super is selected. The whole thing is only 10 years past due. Did I say four needed to be chopped and only two so far. Could Uncle T be slacking…wait I didn’t site any sources. Those that make that statement have read too many text books. Folks you need to study then you need to put the text books down and gain real world experience. There will be more forced and/or voluntary resignations.

    • Frank

      Schwartz was one of the vocal advocates of ramrodding the new Gold’s Gym at Hays High and sticking to the taxpayers.

  • Afama

    Hays post confirmed … Lol. … By reading the paper’s website? Yeesh

    • yikes


    • Hays Post

      Hays Post received an email from USD 489 to confirm Cain’s announcement.

  • Really now

    Now, obviously, people need to see there’s something wrong entirely here. This isn’t mere coincidence. I guess I’m not super familiar with school board drama, I am familiar with district staff politics, and hierarchy is a friggin joke there. It’ll be interesting to hear and see more as this unfolds. Maybe HaysPost can give us some hard hitting investigative news….ha

  • fishlips

    Losing these 2 administrators will be catrastrophic . Shorts and Shumaker have taken their “power” to the extreme .The citizens of Hays should watch these two boe like a hawk !!

  • Cmon

    Geez folks. I’m not taking sides on this but I wish people would remember that individual board members have no “power” themselves. Whether it’s Befort, Kramer, and Moore, or Schwartz and Schmacher. This is board of SEVEN elected members and actions are taken as a BOARD. Not a group of 3 or 2 individuals.

    • town

      I’m not taking sides on this, but I wish people would realize that the new board members are more than likely not going to try to rock the boat and vote against Bully Schwartz. I know for a fact that one, possibly two of them are nervous and feel like they can’t get a word in while Prez “runs the show.” Maybe you should consider asking why Schwartz is just now being elected as president? Maybe everyone knew better than to let him be in that position. I do appreciate the efforts of some board members, however. Mr. Patterson seems as though he knows what’s going on and isn’t afraid to do what’s best for the district even if that does challenge the rest of the Board’s views. Kudo’s to Mr. Leiker as well! Josh Waddell, I haven’t seen much of you yet, but I appreciate the effort you have shown so far. Don’t let them bully you, stick up for what you know is the best choice! Best of luck to the new board trying to find quality candidates that want to come to Hays and deal with the mess you created.

  • town

    I would love to hear what 489 staff have to say about Roth and Cain. I’m sick of hearing opinions of community members who only form their opinions based off of what they hear from others….I’m sure everything we hear is complete fact and 100% true! Not. Wake up people. I have zero opinions on these guys. No positive, no negative. I don’t want to take people’s word for it when they are clueless. Many people in this town have nothing better to do than to join some cause and argue about anything and everything, whether it’s right or wrong. I also don’t want to hear about the board’s opinions of these men. The board sees them for a few hours a night, once or twice a month.

    • really now

      I am a former staff. It’s all crooked.

      • Anonymous

        Then why don’t you post your real name and stand behind your comments.

        • http://hayspost Just a guy

          Ahem. Pots and Kettles.

          • Kansas

            I actually laughed out loud at that. Very true. And I do not think opinions from “community members” matter. I am a community member and also a parent. I have talked with Will Roth on several occasions and really have a lot of respect for him. I have never met Cain but I do think USD 489 is overall a great district with a caring staff that are doing all they can to stay above budget cuts to education that come from the state. I do know quite a few staff on USD 489 and I have never heard a bad word said about Roth or Cain. It seems like this is about politics and I hope it ends or things will never get better. In all types of organizations there will be disagreements and it seems like they should be able to work things out. I have not lived in Hays for that long but I find it rather disturbing that 2 people (3 if you count Kaufman) who dedicated their lives to education suddenly “retire.”

  • Just thinking this

    Kaufman had mess it up for years. Now the new ones have to straighten every thing out plus the budget. The old school board members when along with Kaufman. I do hope we see a big change for the better.