Sound Off: Wild West Festival

The Wild West Festival weekend was wonderful. The volunteers who help organize the event deserve a lot of thanks for another successful festival.

Despite the wind on Saturday, the weather was great and the entertainment was outstanding. What were your favorite or least favorite moments? Any highlights or suggestions? Tell us in the comments section below.

  • Rod

    Loved Saturday’s Little River Band. Thanks Hays

  • Papa

    Where was the carmel corn man? Loved the Cleverlys. Fireworks were great too.

  • Suz

    I love Neil McCoy but missed his hair.

  • Fred Flinstone

    They need to put more port-o-potties in the beer garden!

  • Hays

    Kudos to the planning team and all of the volunteers for another very successful event! The weather was great, entertainment was great and the event was an overall success. My only complaint would be that the carnival should not be allowed to require wristbands and tickets to ride any given ride. It was frustrating to spend $20 per wristband on Wednesday evening only to find the that kids couldn’t ride the biggest, baddest rides without two additional paid tickets. That’s a crock.

  • L Geyer

    I though Neal McCoy put on a great show, and the Cleverly’s were interesting, but yet very entertaining. Riley from Ellis who sang the National Anthem was incredible. We have had her sing the National Anthem at our local wrestling tournament, and she continues to get better every time I hear her sing.

  • Here’s a thought

    Overall WWF was great as usual. Thanks to all the volunteers that made it happen.
    But I have a couple of suggestions to improve it.
    First tell your rent-a-cops to chill out: one of them made us take our chairs out and then wasn’t satisfied until he opened them up & patted down the bag- we’re in our 50’s after all !
    Were we being aprofiled since we were wearing Harley shirts???? Second a girl was trying to take a picture when the orange shirt purposely stepped in her line of sight.
    Third,, take down your signs banning concealed carry. I know some of you flaming libtards are going to scream over this, but my wife & I have had threats made against us recently & I would have felt better knowing I had protection until the bike cops got there.

    • hmmmm

      The bag chair thing has been like this for many years, as far as the renta cops I have to agree, many of them were very unfriendly, and rude. The city police officers were much more friendly. And the concealed and carry signs, I guess I did not see them, thank goodness I left my gun at home. I am all for carrying a concealed if you have the appropriate training and license.

      And I don’t think you were being profiled for a Harley Shirt, as everybody that brought a chair in a bag was asked to remove it and open it.

      Keep up the good work WWF crew, but I agree with the post above, the people checking bags need to be more professional, and polite, they can still do their job without being an A$$.


  • Citizen

    I would recommend doing away w/ the beer garden. I don’t understand why the VIP is able to sit around w/ a drink and watch the concert but everyone else is not. I see no reason why they don’t allow beer in the general admission area.

    • hmmmm

      I have been told, it is becuase they want to keep it a family attmosphere, but I wish they would put the beergarden somewhere besides the very back, if VIP can be up close with beer, why cant the general public, the people in the beer garden are probably giving more money then most people there in the general population, and VIP.
      I have been told, it is because they want to keep it a family atmosphere, but I wish they would put the beer garden somewhere besides the very back, if VIP can be up close with beer, why cant the general public, the people in the beer garden are probably giving more money then most people there in the general population, and VIP.



      • what was the problem?

        They should do away with the beer garden all together.

      • Countryboy

        Most of the VIP help to support the concerts with big amounts of money. So you out in the general admission can go to 3 nights for $12.00 VIP $120.00. So if you want to be up front with a beer help support the event like I did
        VIP Holder

        • hmmmm

          I disagree that most of them have donated this. Many of the people in the VIP work at a place that dontate money or equipment. I big % of the people that sit in VIP did not drop a dime to WWF, becuase their employer did.

          • countryboy

            Their Employer dropped a bunch of money to get the VIP tickets to hand out to the employee and they also get several General Admission to hand out also. So many in the General Admission didn’t pay for their tickets either.

  • Person

    I’ve had family on the committee so I know how hard they work and put a lot of their time in it (kudos to all of them), but would like more recent talent. The last album for Mr. McCoy was 8 years ago and before that mainly 90’s. Other than that, it’s a great community event.

  • Here’s a thought

    I agree with hmmm HPD was friendly and helpful as usual- thanks to you all
    Although I’m sure the city made a lot of $$ off the increase in DUI’s this weekend.uncle Tom is is probably frothing at the mouth waiting for the arrest log…

    • Uncle Thomas

      My hot topic is the water wasting :)!

  • Bands

    I agree with most all the above comments, I know people that are on the committee and they put in large amounts of hours to prepare for the event let alone work it. My only constructive criticism other than the “Security” being rediculous this year with the way they were treating people like others have noted. We need a more diverse lineup in talent, I realize that many people around here enjoy country music and that is great, I like it too. But with the exception of Hairball last year I do not remember a decent rock concert at the WWF. Again, I say this with all due respect as I know the committee is working with what they have and with a budget. If we could get a more relevant rock band I think your attendance may increase for next year. As one other poster said I also did not notice your concealed carry signs. I respect your right to not allow CC, but as a CC holder that was carrying at your event, you should probably make that alot more apparent in future years. I would never purposely break the law and jeopardize my CC status, but I truly did not ever see a sign.

  • Here’s a thought

    I’m with you bands, the no CCW signs weren’t very obvious, but were indeed there.