KHAZ Country Music News: Justin Moore Surprises Himself with New Sounds on “Off the Beaten Path”

khaz justin moore 20130613Justin Moore isn’t teaming up with any rappers or pop stars on his upcoming album, Off the Beaten Path, but fans can expect some new sounds from him this time around. The deluxe edition of Justin’s new album includes 16 songs, which allowed him to experiment more than ever before.

Justin says, “It’s not gonna sound pop or it’s not gonna be anything that could cross over, but there’s some songs that I cut on this album that I don’t think earlier in my career I would have.”

The modern sound of Justin’s latest #1 hit, “‘Til My Last Day,” opened the door for his musical evolution on Off the Beaten Path. Justin admits he sometimes wondered if he was taking things too far with the new music.

“There’s some stuff on there, even I was going, ‘Uh, really? You think I can do this?'” he says. “With the format the way it is, you have to continue to evolve as an artist.”

Longtime Justin Moore fans shouldn’t worry he’s gone off the deep end, though. Fans of his first two albums will find plenty of straight country music on Off the Beaten Path. If Justin had his way, the music might sound even more hardcore country.

He explains, “I’d love nothing more than to cut an album that sounded like Mark Chesnutt in 1994. I’m not very smart, but I’m smart enough to know that I don’t know if I could get that played on the radio. So, it’s exciting for me to go out and try some different things.”

Justin is climbing the country chart fast with Off the Beaten Path‘s lead single, “Point at You.” The albumalso includes guest appearances from Miranda Lambert and Charlie Daniels. It’s due out September 17.

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