Board Work Session to discuss the Federal Fruit & Vegetable program

Work Session MONDAY, JULY 8, 2013 – 6:30 p.m.
1. Topic: Board President’s Appointment to Committees
Greg Schwartz will present recommendations for 2013-14 committee
2. Topic: Handbooks
2013-14 student and employee handbooks will be available for your review. Richard Cain will present handbooks to be approved at July 15 meeting.
3. Topic: Paper Copy Bid
Richard Cain will present the bid for copy paper
4. Topic: Hays High Soda Proposal
Marty Straub will present a proposal from Coke and Pepsi.
5. Topic: Wireless Bid
Todd Bryant will present the bids for wireless infrastructure upgrades.
6. Topic: FY 14 Capital Outlay Draft
Richard Cain will present a preliminary draft of the FY 14 Capital Outlay plan.
7. Topic: Contracts for Administrators and Directors
Bill Jeter will present a recommendation for contracts.
8. Topic: Policy for Contracts
Will Roth, Superintendent and Bill Jeter, BOE Attorney will lead a discussion on current contract policy DJFA – Purchasing Authority which address purchases made under $20,000.
9. Topic: Home Rule Resolution
Bill Jeter will lead a discussion of the necessity of a Home Rule Resolution
10.Topic: Surplus Equipment
Richard Cain will present a list of numerous Nutrition Services equipment to declare surplus at the July 15th meeting.
11.Board of Education Meeting Dates for 2013-14: Consider Resolution specifying board of education meeting dates, location and times per K.S.A. 72-8205. Also see BOE Meeting Calendar for 2013-14.
12.Topic: Multi-Peril Insurance for 2013-14:
Consider the approval of Multi-peril Insurance for the 2013-14 school year from Insurance Planning.USD489
13.Topic: Board Attorney Retainer Fee for 2013-14
The Board will need to discuss the Board Attorney Retainer Fee. The fee could not be determined until the Board meeting calendar was set.
14.Topic: FY14 Budget Review
Richard Cain will review with the Board the development of the FY14 Budget.
15.Other topics for discussion
16.Executive Session

TOPIC:Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Program
Approval of Federal Agreement for the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Program.
This is a federal program, introduced last year at Washington Elementary, which emphasizes fresh fruits and vegetables. The products are introduced to the children outside of, or during normal lunch and breakfast programs. There is no additional cost to the district. The signed document is due July 15, 2013. A two day extension was granted in order to accommodate the regularly scheduled Board meeting. The approved document must be returned by July 17, 2013.
Any extra staffing is paid through the federal program

The Board has the following options:
Option 1: Accept program agreement to continue program Option 2: Do not accept
Jessica Calhoun, Director, Nutrition Services
Accept agreement to continue the program at Washington Elementary.
2013-14 PROGRAM AGREEMENT ADDENDUM – Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program

  • Uncle Thomas

    …and we are off to a slow start! Dr. Roth has duped the board by being kind to the outgoing board and receiving a contract extension guarantying another low six digit salary for a year, then knowing his head is on the chopping block turns in a resignation…kind of tough to buy a contract out with these conditions being a cash poor district.
    Which means the second in charge wont be replaced because a new superintendent should be the one to make any changes after being hired. Long story short we as a community will keep paying taxes to dumb, dumber, dumbest and dumbest-est to be replaced. Yes I have counted at least four employees at the top in need of a change to enhance the district. Then maybe they can start with the principals and dead beat teachers!

  • Cher

    Wow, you must of had a bad day Uncle Thomas! I’m not sure how you can make such an overall judgement of the administration like that. There are lot of those administrators are very dedicated people and put a lot of time and effort into their jobs including principals, teachers, paras, bus drivers, custodians, secretaries and nutrition staff as well. It’s always east to set back and think you know all the answers but you also can certainly run for a seat on the school board and see the other side of the picture too.

    • Uncle Thomas

      I have had a wonderful day touring the basilicas of French Québec…thank you for your concern as to the status of my day.
      As for my statement…the administration is rancid! The top two should go as should several of the other top paid. They have milked the tax payers for too long. Look at the financial condition of the district, look at the conditions of the buildings and grounds, look at…the list could go on. Yes most likely three of the current principals should be replaced with competent individuals. Teachers… anytime you have an organized work force you have majority which are dedicated and devoted…while the minority show up for work and are in need of replacement. As for the folks you named paras, bus drivers, custodians, secretaries, nutrition staff…the best you can hope for is disgruntled mediocrity when you pay sub-standard wages.
      As for the school board…we have a competent school board, but they have their hands full attempting to unravel 15 years of “buddy system”. Those which are complained about the most are the ones which keep asking the why question in disbelief. All they want is answers so that they can make informed decisions.

      • Hays

        French Quebec? And this is the best thing you can find to do while there?

        • Uncle Thomas

          Okay busted… I was using the persuasive power of suggestion! All the Haysians would them assume I was a “good ol catholic” and find my words more acceptable because I was one of “the herd”.
          I did view some of the basilicas because of the architecture and to see how difficult it would be to make it back south across the border with a few kilos of gold :)…yes the wine was good.
          Thanks a lot for calling my bluff HAYS!

  • Wow

    Uncle Thomas…..I am one of those as you call “disgruntled mediocrity” and I do my job, as do most of those that I work with, BECAUSE WE LOVE THE KIDS WE WORK WITH!

    • Uncle Thomas

      Of course you love your job and love the kids you work with…if someone offered you a job outside of education for $15/hour, would you take it?

  • Wow

    Have already had that offer and turned it No..

  • Uncle Thomas

    Of course you did…does that mean your husband is the bread winner, you have no degree or can not perform outside your comfort zone?