Another Kansas wheat lawsuit filed against Monsanto

(AP) — Another Kansas farmer has filed suit against seed giant Monsanto over the discovery of an isolated field of genetically engineered wheat in Oregon.Wheat

Harvey County wheat grower Bill Budde sued Monsanto on Friday in a lawsuit seeking class-action status. It’s at least the third such lawsuit filed in federal court in Kansas against St. Louis-based Monsanto since the discovery of the field in May.

Similar lawsuits have also been filed in Idaho and Washington state.

Monsanto has said none of the genetically modified wheat entered the commercial market. The company contends no legal liability exists given the care undertaken, and it has vowed to present a vigorous defense to the lawsuits.

  • chris

    if none of the wheat entered the market how come it is sprouting up all over the country

  • Darwin

    Monsanto will buy their way out of this. They have so many people in their wallet that nothing will happen.